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Cloud Solutions: Optimising Your Global, Cloud-Based Solutions

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Meeting the needs of your customers

Developing a global cloud-based platform has many challenges.

But so does building an Accounting and ERP solution that has to be localised for different countries, languages and processes! This is especially difficult when you are deciding on what new features to enhance your cloud solution.

A question the Enterpryze team gets often from customers and partners are; how does a cloud provider of a global platform decide what new features to enhance the product with?

Here’s how we answer that.

When cloud platform enhancements are released, the release is for everyone, regardless of location, size, time zone, user numbers. It really is a case of one size fits all. Whilst its possible to hide functions for different countries, that sort of change comes with risk.

So is that overcome? 

How Enterpyze prioritises new features in cloud-based solutions

Long story short, we have to prioritise country-specific rules as any cloud solutions business does.

Firstly, we have to adhere to the localisation and legislative changes in order to ensure that we meet those changes before any customer is affected. This is challenging in itself. It’s about staying up to date with constant changes across currently 8 countries (and growing!)

Then there are integrations. Many of those are business-critical for our users, and we can never have too many. Entepryze stays constantly connected to our banking partners to ensure we give our customers constant access to the data that helps them run their business better.

Next, we have to focus on feature enhancements, user experience, and language. This includes process improvements, new integrations, and other elements of the product roadmap that would allow our users to run effectively.  

There is a lot more involved when you are developing a software platform with localisation considerations then meets the eye!

Innovation really is key.

By nature, Enterpryze strives to be innovative when it comes to introducing the latest technologies to our platform.

All of this is done through customer and partner engagement. We learn from our users what they need and we balance that with country-specific processes and start to include them in the roadmap. At every step of the way, it’s important to be conscious all that we’re doing is for the benefit of as many customers as possible.

Take Paynow in Singapore, for example. Enterpryze understands that SME’s need to get paid faster so building this into our solutions was an easy decision.

Innovation is key, but that’s not all. At our core, Enterpryze works towards making our cloud-based platform a truly global solution that makes doing business easier for every single one of our users.

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