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Penang Holiao Simplifies Daily Accounting with the Cloud | Enterpryze Reviews


About Penang Holiao

Penang Holiao is an online advertising media company in Malaysia.

Penang Holiao uses social media and its official website to promote local cuisines, travel attractions and events occurring in Penang, Malaysia to the community.

They give special focus to helping many small and growing businesses with their brand and increasing exposure.

Why Penang Holiao chose Enterpryze

Penang Holiao chose Enterpryze’s user-friendliness and ease of navigation to their accounting processes.

Enterpryze spoke to Aaron Loo from Penang Holiao about their move to Enterpryze.

“The best part is that the system is cloud-based, so we can assess the account and check our account receivables wherever we are.”

Aaron continued. “After getting used to the system, I overturned my accounting mindset towards it. I can’t measure Enterpryze by using traditional accounting systems as a benchmark because it’s a total paradigm shift.

“I highly recommended it.”

Business improvements with Enterpryze

This system is very user friendly, and gave us more features than what we were expecting.” 

Aaron Loo, Penang Holiao.

Enterpryze’s Accounting was developed to fit the needs of small business owners and their busy lives.

Built with accessibility in mind – financial data such as invoices, accounts receivables, purchase orders and other forms of information can be accessed via browser or through our mobile app.

Making better business decisions through the cloud

The move to Enterpryze has allowed Penang Holiao to enjoy a simplified approach to accounting and greater collaboration with the help of the cloud.

Go here to see how our accounting solutions give your small business peace of mind.


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