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Link 2 Link Adopts A Modern ERP System | Enterpryze Reviews


About Link 2 Link

Link 2 Link Sdn Bhd is a distributor of innovative pet products and accessories – bringing high-quality value to consumers, retailers and other distributors.

They prioritize the welfare of pets and are always on the lookout for new technology that will enhance the well-being of pets.

With its headquarters in Singapore, Link 2 Link is currently distributing to more than 650+ leading pet speciality and groceries stores.

Link 2 Link has established an efficient distribution network in many countries within the Asia Pacific region.

Why Link 2 Link Sdn Bhd chose Enterpryze

Link 2 Link’s Malaysian office opened last year and chose Enterpryze’s ERP to act as their main system.

They chose Enterpryze’s cloud software because it’s instantly accessible and user-friendly from anywhere. They’ve also highlighted the invoicing process that has been made easier ever since they started using the system.

Link 2 Link Sdn Bhd also commends Enterpryze’s sales workflow on top of being impressed by the inventory management – and how easy it allows their personnel to track stocks.

Business improvements with Enterpryze

Powerful software like Enterpryze is a very big helping hand for Link 2 Link to grow and serve pet owners.

Link 2 Link Sdn Bhd

With Enterpryze, Link 2 Link has fully integrated their business into the system, using it to issue daily invoices in electronic form and reduce paperwork usually required without an ERP software.

An encompassing solution for scalability

The move to Enterpryze’s ERP has allowed Link 2 Link to be truly integrated with customers, their sales and finance teams and management.

You can view full ERP benefits for your own business right here.


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