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In Waves Of Change, Every Ship Has A Good Captain; Galway Maritime Benefits From Improved Inventory Processes


About Galway Maritime

Galway Maritime is located in the West of Ireland – Galway City and service the mariners along the West coast.

With a wealth of experience behind them servicing both the Leisure and Commerical Marine Market, from Fishing trawlers to leisure boats and state agencies alike, they provide lifejackets and safety equipment for all.

Galway Maritime’s goal is to provide its customers with the very best solutions and expertise, as well as premium delivery and an online shopping experience.

From clothing to maintenance goods, Galway Maritime will supply everything you need to enjoy your time on a boat or  by the sea.

Whatever your needs are, Galway Maritime has it covered!

Galway Maritime started as a ships chandler supplying the fishing fleets of the west coast however has adapted over the years to service the boating community which has seen rapid growth in recent years.

They are an SME that has built up a loyal customer base, supplying equipment to both the commercial and leisure marine markets.

They pride themselves on providing the best solutions to their clients and only selling premium products.

Why Galway Maritime Chose Enterpryze

We spoke to Pierce Purcell, Managing Director of Galway Maritime

When our company started out, we used various methods to manage our inventory process including Microsoft Excel and memory!

We knew if we wanted to gain confidence in the full supply chain we would need to upgrade our systems to modernise the business.

With an online store and a physical location, it’s essential that we have full visibility of what stock is available and where it’s located.

The ability to update pricing and manage invoices has been essential for our growth.

With Enterpryze, we are now able to easily plan and forecast retail store stock requirements.

There’s no way we could have previously committed to the level of growth our business is planning for, without a robust supply chain management system in place.

The move to Enterpryze has allowed us to have a much clearer picture of our business, live stocks and ability to assess financial reporting.

With enhanced access and simplified reporting, we are now able to focus more on our core competencies, such as increasing sales and improving customer satisfaction.

Using Enterpryze has also allowed us to keep all customer records in the one place and can be easily updated.

– Pierce Purcell, Galway Maritime

We Can See Clearly Now!

We use our stock as our biggest asset which is why we started using Enterpryze.

We like that there is traceability & history of all stock movements in our system, this allows us to have greater control.

Inventory management is the key to profitability. It is the backbone of our business and requires a stable, secure and smart solution.

Our existing inventory processes did not have all the functionalities we needed so we chose to upgrade it.

We have live reports available on our dashboard and we are delighted to be working with the team at Enterpryze.

Thank you to Pierce and his team at Galway Maritime for speaking with us.

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