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Introducing the Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter with EBOS

Singapore is known to be one of the best places in Southeast Asia to do global businesses.

Through the support of government grants and more initiatives – small businesses prosper in this ecosystem.

Yet, those hoping to start a business might struggle with where to even begin when founding a business in Singapore.

That’s why Enterpryze and EBOS are introducing the Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter complimentary service for new Enterpryze annual subscribers.

Do you need corporate secretarial services?

Individuals looking to officially register for a Singaporean corporation significantly benefit from Enterpryze’s Corporate Kickstarter initiative with EBOS.

This doesn’t just apply to foreign powers – but local Singaporeans as well, especially if they find themselves in unfamiliar territory with company legislation and compliance requirements.

Here’s a brief overview of what you need before operating an official business in the country:-


  • Step 1: Obtain approval for the company name. All Singapore corporations must have their names authorised by ACRA before they can register.
  • Step 2: Gather the necessary documents for the company’s incorporation. A firm must have the following documents ready after the name has been approved and before applying for company registration.
  • Step 3: Register with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). A company can be officially registered with ACRA once the incorporation documents have been prepared. The process can take a few weeks if the company registration must be forwarded to another government body for further screening.


EBOS’ designated Corporate Secretary oversees streamlining many administrative operations surrounding the registration of businesses – which includes the above.

Their role will include detailed reporting to the board of directors and ensuring that other processes are set in place to comply with a country’s regulatory requirements.

Let's help you get started

Talk to us about the Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter today.

The Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter

What do you get? 

  • Designated Company Secretary for 3 months
  • ACRA Compliance alert & reminders
  • Maintenance of E-Statutory Books
  • Redemption of 1 Annual General Meeting & 1 Annual Return Filing with ACRA
  • E-signing of all documents via cloud apps

The Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter package is worth S$300.

If you need professional advice on Business Setups, Compliance, Human Capital or Restructuring services you can also add in 20 mins Business advisory with EBOS worth S$200.

This service is complimentary to all annual Enterpryze subscribers from the Accounting, Inventory & ERP subscriptions.

EBOS is the official partner providing value-added services in this respect; with a focus on updating important compliance measures from ACRA and IRAS.

As the Corporate Secretary to your business, they will have a continuous business relationship with you for 3 months – even after your Enterpryze onboarding has ended.

Based in Singapore, EBOS Cloud Accountants is an end-to-end cloud accounting service provider that promotes digitalisation for their client companies to reach customers via new digital channels.

In addition to that, their mission is to make the lives of entrepreneurs and SMEs easier with innovative cloud solutions.

EBOS also has a wide spectrum of services to aid local and international companies with Incorporation, Cloud Accounting, Corporate Secretary, Taxation, Business Migration, and many other cloud-based innovative services. To learn more about EBOS, you can visit their official website here.

Let's help with the start of your journey

As businesses in Singapore hope to recover from COVID-19’s and the Circuit Breaker impact – both Enterpryze and EBOS continues to support your digital transformation.

If you have more questions about the Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter package, talk to our experts here.

Get started today.

Choose an annual Enterpryze subscription to qualify for this premium service.

Talk to us.

Interested in the Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter but have more questions? Drop us a message.

Terms and Conditions Apply

  • ACRA Government Fee of $60 is not inclusive.
  • Redemption of 1 AGM and 1 AR is permitted when EBOS is the Appointed Corporate Secretary in ACRA.
  • Upgrade to 12 months Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter <Enterpryze CSL> – $130.
  • Upgrade to 12 months EBOS Corporate Secretary (Enterpryze Corporate Kickstarter + Free 1 DRIW & unlimited signing of documents by corporate secretary & special rate for XBRL report) – $180.
  • To renew on 2nd year to 12 months Corporate Secretary Fee with $60 ACRA filing fee = $350 nett.
  • No additional fee for any number of shareholders and directors.
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