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Boong Food Chooses Instant Mobile Payment Collections | Enterpryze Reviews


About Boong Food

Boong Food is a Singaporean-based food processing and distribution company founded in 1994.

Their main activity is processing and preserving meat products with wholesale of livestock, meat, poultry, eggs and seafood (including fresh and frozen).

Their products are distributed across Singapore and could be found in all wet and dry markets, hawkers’ stalls, restaurants and even hotels. Boong Food has decades of experience in “Kampung Chicken (red chicken)” farming and trading and is Halal-certified as well.

Why Boong Food chose mCollect

Previous to mCollect’s digital payment solutions – Boong Food received cash or cheque payments from their customers.

Yet after each sale, each salesman had to manually tally invoices and payments before banking in the cash and cheques. Each salesman had to repeat this process for about 40 customers a day.

This became a time-consuming and frustrating process especially since their finance team had to follow up and send messages just to track deposits, customer names and invoice amounts.

With Enterpryze and UOB’s mCollect digital solution, their sales team do not need to carry around stacks of invoices, cash and cheques anymore.

Boong Food totally integrated a digital payment collections system when meeting a customer or client – allowing them to pay from their own mobile devices through a simple QR code.

Business improvements with Enterpryze and UOB mCollect

With mcollect our salesmen do not need to carry stacks of paper invoices with them anymore. They can simply present their digital invoices on the spot with their phone, generate a QR code and our customer just scans and pays.”

Oh Wei Chiat, Chief Operating Officer at Boong Food

Through Boong Food’s implementation of mCollect, they were able to experience increased efficiency with their payment collections compared to hardcopy collections.

Funds collected via QR codes scanned were deposited straight into the business bank accounts – which made it easier for their finance team to track performance.

Digital records are comprehensive as well. They were able to access information such as salesmen’s name, payer details, the amount paid and reference number; which even made it easier to reconcile invoices in real-time.

Getting in front of digitsation with the cloud

The move to mCollect has allowed Boong Food to be truly integrated with customers, their sales and finance teams and management.

Operations have increased in efficiency and their business is significantly happier after the shift.


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Need faster payment collections for your business?

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