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Top 5 Best Small Business Marketing Blogs to Follow

Small Business Marketing Blogs

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Tips for Small Business on Marketing Blogs

Why are marketing blogs beneficial for small businesses?

As a small business owner,  you are often required to step out of your comfort zone to thread in waters that you are unfamiliar with. You may not be an expert in the marketing field, but you can follow these top 5 marketing blogs to keep yourself updated with the latest marketing trends.

Marketing is one of the most important elements to drive sales. Hence, business owners will somewhat be involved in the planning process of the marketing strategy. Unlike bigger companies that have the resources to hire the right talent, small businesses mostly rely on their creativity to establish their brand and name in the market.

Top 5 Small Business Marketing Blogs:

1. Hubspot Blog

Customer success content, sale and marketing

Hubspot is a marketing, sales, and service software whose blog covers a wide range of tips and tricks. Their content is useful and can be applied by small business or large corporations. You can explore content from practical step by step guide on how to write a blog post, to best practices on how to ask for a referral from a potential client. Additionally, the articles are easy to understand. If you want to learn basic marketing concepts, here is where you can find them. Also, Hubspot is at the forefront of the marketing scene, therefore the topics they cover are up to date with the latest trends. 

2. NeilPatel

Increase web traffic with SEO

If you are new to the SEO world, then NeilPatel’s blog is one to follow. The SEO world can be complicated and overwhelming at first, but this blog helps you to understand the basic theories behind SEO. By subscribing to their newsletter, you can also get an insight into how to share your marketing content through email. NeilPatel’s newsletters are mostly sent in plain text with eye-catching and straightforward Call-to-Action. They have recently started their podcast, so you can get marketing content on-the-go. Finally, also check out their free marketing tool- Ubersuggest.

3. Intercom

Messaging and communication

Intercom is one of the leading chat bot software provider used mainly by the marketing, sales and support team. Their content focuses on customer success and customer experience by aligning the three departments. Intercom blog will show you how to build trust with your customers by sending the right message at the right time. Additionally, to send the message with a personal touch. Also, get an insight into the AI world and how to make decisions based on the data you collect.

4. Social Baker

Social media marketing and trends

Are Facebook and Instagram your main marketing channel? Then this is a blog for you. Social Baker shares industry trends on social media and practical guides on how to write captions that will improve your engagement and conversions. Dive into real-life case studies and examples of good and bad social media posts and engage with your audience with a well-planned strategy. Learn practical tips on posting timing, keywords to use, drive likes and increase messaging or calls on your page.

5. Alexa

Market research and strategy

Alexa is an SEO tool used to analyse the market. This is a good place to understand your market better and thus device a robust marketing plan. They have good articles on marketing strategy. For example, in their blog about Conversational Marketing Strategy, they talk about aligning your messaging through email marketing, live customer support, loyalty program and social media. Since they are data-driven, they also share on how you can track your marketing ROI, and use your competitors to your advantage.

Have your own preferred Business Marketing Blogs?

Share with us the marketing blogs or content you follow that has helped you as a small business owner!

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