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How to Motivate Employees During the Work-from-Home Period


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During the COVID-19 lockdown period, the need to motivate employees became an important factor after everyone started to work from home and telecommuting became more and more popular within the workplace. With this change, HR practitioners have to find new methods to keep employees motivated. The ability to organise team building, office lunch is no longer an option.

Here are some of the ways to motivate employees during the work from home period that we’ve done in Enterpryze that helped us to maintain high morale in this season:

Ways to motivate employees during the work from home period:

1. Use social media to be #AloneTogether

When dealing with a remote workforce, use the collaborative power of social media to engage with employees and uplift the team’s morale. We use a range of platforms to connect with one another. For instance, a WhatApp chat for casual light-hearted conversations and inspiration, Microsoft Teams for group discussions and team meetings, and Zoom for the casual or off-work chats to have some fun and bonding time.

Although some of the teams are back at the office, we haven’t let the ball drop; we’ve just gotten more creative! Our casual team call happens every month via Zoom, where we catch up with one another and talk about anything and everything over coffee. This regular screen time allows us to connect meaningfully. Ultimately, this helps improve our mental and emotional well-being. Plus, it is a relief to the monotony and isolation of working from home alone.

employee motivation video call

2. Overcommunicate

Working from home can cause employees to feel isolated from business communications. During this period, it’s perfectly okay to over-communicate. This is to make sure that you’re constantly updating employees on any developments, changes or any news that will impact their work or the business.

3. Be transparent and open

Employees want to keep abreast of updates and developments, especially when working remotely. Open, authentic communications and thoughtful gestures can add a valued human touch in a time where individuals are encouraged to practice social distancing.

The future might be uncertain. But, keeping employees engaged and motivated through a good internal communications strategy will ensure that you and your workforce emerge from this pandemic stronger together.

4. Take change to keep spirits up

Do not stop celebrating birthdays, give public praise for goals reached and projects completed. We use delivery services to send birthday cakes and cards for those who have birthdays. And just a simple gesture of managers buying a coffee for their team members will make a big difference. All these are done to never lose the human touch during a virtual time, it gives people a feeling that they are not alone and everyone is still working towards the common company goals.

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