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5 Best Habits of a Successful Businessman / Entrepreneur

Habits Of Successful Businessman

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Books on the Habits of a Successful Businessman / Entrepreneur

There are many good books regarding the habits of a successful businessman/entrepreneur. One old-but-gold book on habits was written in 1989 by Stephen Covey, definitely a book to add to your reading list if you haven’t. After reading a few of these books, we realise there are a few common themes associated with successful people. Obviously, not every successful businessman or entrepreneur will have the same pattern and lifestyle. But if these are recurring themes among them, then it will be worth exploring.

So let’s start looking into the best habits of a successful businessman/entrepreneur.

5 Best Habits of a Successful Businessman / Entrepreneur

Habit #1: Have a morning routine

Make it a habit to wake up earlier in the morning to have some “me time”. Most of the time when we wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is check our phones, read the news, messages, or go on social media, then rush to start the day. Having some “me time” in the morning helps you accomplish a task for yourself at the start of the day. This task doesn’t have to be a difficult task; you can start by just making your bed in the morning, here’s an interesting content shared by Navy Seal Admiral on the reasons to make your bed every day.

Also, according to the researchers, a few small tasks in the morning helps your brain release a rush of dopamine and thus makes you feel more inspired and motivated to take on more demanding tasks!

Habit #2: Practice good work ethics

Having good work ethics is not only good for your work but also helps you be a better person as it becomes a part of who you are. Think of a value that you personally respect, for example, “I respect a reliable person”, then be a reliable and dependable person. From the smallest task you do, like sending an email right after a call when you say you will. Or replying and acknowledging a message sent with “received, noted”.

When you practice a value you respect, you align yourself with that value. And in the end, you don’t only find yourself working with a purpose, you will also feel a sense of fulfilment. Good work ethics is a discipline that can be learned, and the good thing is it’s in the details, it is the small things you do every day in your tasks that adds up to a good work ethic.

Habit #3: Write down your goals

You are 42 per cent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down. Writing it down makes a goal real for your brain, it then forces you to strategise and plan as this is “really happening”. When you think about a goal, you are using the right hemisphere of your brain (the imaginative centre), and when you write it down, you activate the left hemisphere of the brain which is the logic-based part of the brain.

Take time to sit down every day (maybe during Point #1- Have a morning routine), to just think about the things you want to achieve, write them down, and spend some time to brainstorm about how to achieve this goal.

Habit #4: Exercise

Most of us know that exercising is good for the mind and the brain. But what we lack is the discipline to start and continually exercise. The issue here is not about understanding the importance of exercise but making exercising a habit. There are many good books out there to learn about habits. Pick one up, read about it, test out the theory, and if it doesn’t work, test out another book and another theory. Maybe by the time you finish testing those theories, you have successfully adopted that habit and can now write a book on “How I trial and error habit theories and adopted many new habits along the way” 😊

Some good books on habits include:

Habit #5: Read

Reading as a daily habit is important to help you become a successful person. Reading stimulates your mind and gives you new ideas and lessons of life. Everything that you want to know about has already been written- this is a powerful thing. If you want to know about marketing, sales, finance, operations, mindset, all you need to do is pick up a book and read. Knowledge is literally at the tips of our fingers in this modern age. If you are a business owner, you need to understand part of everything that helps make your business better; so, reading is particularly important.

Reading stimulates your mind and gives you new ideas and lessons of life. Everything that you want to know about has already been written.

These Chinese sayings about knowledge sum it up well:

  1. 三人行,必有我师- This means that in a group of three, there will always be one person that I can learn from.
  2. 玉不琢,不成器;人不學,不知道- This means if jade is not polished it can’t be used. And if a person doesn’t learn, he will never understand the reason.

We love hearing from you!

These are just some of the good habits that you can adopt to become a more successful businessman/entrepreneur. Share with us some of the good habits you’ve adopted that helped you become a better businessman!

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