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Enterpryze – Bringing business and banking closer

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Where are SMEs spending their time?

SMEs spend too much time on bookkeeping, managing customer’s needs, liaising with their banks and looking after their IT- all these are considered non-core activities or ‘running’ the business. Increasing productivity, thus generating more revenue and profit, are the pillars of an SME’s success. An SME owner should spend their time generating more awareness and new customers, recruiting and researching into new products or site expansion. This will then lead to business expansion and be ‘that’ company.

How does Enterpryze helps?

Enterpryze help SMEs with a mobile-first, fully integrated SAAS business management solution. Our solutions include accounting, CRM, inventory, service, delivery and expenses. On top of that, Enterpryze has multiple integration points with banks such as accounts, FX, outgoing/ingoing payments. This makes running a business more straight forward and managing banking transactions so much easier!

Enterpryze for start-ups

When an SME launches into the market, one of the first things they want to do is issue an invoice and get paid. If the start-up is offered a mobile accounting app with integration to their bank account, then the SME is getting value. They can issue invoices with correct customer information, taking payment immediately, seeing the health of the accounts at any time. A mobile banking app is perfect for this type of SME who then already feels their bank is supporting them in a productive and efficient manner!

Enterpryze for super scaler

The next set of SMEs are one established and getting drawn down into details across the whole business. Questions like how do I manage my accounts and the legal and regulatory requirements? How do I get the most from my workspace as well as sales and marketing spend? How do I fund the right suppliers and think about demand? A solution that takes care of the business administrative tasks and provides the information back in the format the SME needs, just creates so much more time to make the right decisions quickly. The shared data then allows the bank to understand the SME and provide the business advice and support they need to go into the proper growth phase.

Business and Banking coming together

That is why at Enterpryze, we bring business and banking together. While a business starts to grow and scale, it faces new challenges like how do I get access to working capital and manage cash flows. Or, how do I recruit and retain staff and which B2B and B2C markets should I be in? Will my bank support export and how do I hedge my FX rates and get more funding for cheaper rates? This is when integration between the bank and Enterprzye comes into play. The bank’s relationship manager can see the health of the SME, make funding decision quickly while the systems are prompting when to buy and sell. Both the SME and the bank win in a symbiotic relationship and all because of Enterpryze.

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