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Drive Cloud Revenue from your Install Base

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Now that Enterpryze is playing a key role in your portfolio, let’s be smart on how to sell it, prepare your team, and be ready for the exponential growth of your cloud revenues!

There are 2 different sale cycles to get Enterpryze into the market, you can sell it to your new customers, or you can sell it to your installed base. Both are important, but if you want to see fast results, your install base is the answer. One of the biggest challenges that we have, as SAP Business One Partners, after we close a deal is to remain relevant and trusted by our customers. This is achieved with a good customer relationship, great support, and last but not least, an understanding of our clients’ needs to offer new solutions that allow them to grow with us.

Allow Enterpryze to be your “battle horse” and make sure that your customer gets the right solution at the right time whilst your business builds important cloud revenues.

Bring All Your Teams Together

We know how precious your customers are for you, so we will make sure that your team is prepared and ready to sell Enterpryze as experts! Marketing, Sales, and Support/Customer Success are the teams that we must get involved in the process. That is why we will provide different tools to each one of them to make sure that you can sell Enterpryze in just a few days sales cycle:

  • Continuous training: periodic sessions with our product experts focusing on Functionality, configuration and technical aspects will be available to make sure that your team is on top of the latest features in Enterpryze and trained to answer for level 1 support issues. 
  • Sales support: Our sales team is always available to support you during your demos, let us know what your customer wants to see, and we will be delighted to show them how Enterpryze will help their business. 
  • Marketing tools: One of the most important responsibilities of the marketing team is the lead generation and build relevant content. We have a team dedicated to supporting you with collateral, use cases, and we are more than happy to participate in your digital or presential events! All you need to do is raise your hand 😊
  • Support: our experience tells us that a new customer will need support from Enterpryze only in the first weeks, mostly during the connection with SAP Business One and the creation of users and permissions phase. That is why we will train your support team in how to connect a new customer, set up the modules, create new users and set up their permissions, and how to troubleshoot common issues. We also have an in-app Help Centre that your team or your customers can access anytime and find articles related to their needs. We even have an in-app live chat where the customers can contact our experts if they have a question while they are using the web app. 

I guarantee that all your customers will benefit from Enterpryze one way or another. So, let’s build an aggressive commercial plan! Take your installed base and take the time to properly offer Enterpryze to 10% or 20% of them every month, by the end of the year, you will have at least 20% of your customers using Enterpryze with an average of 20 users each, not bad if you do the numbers 😉

Enterpryze is an easy-to-install SaaS solution, so the decision is easy to make! No maintenance and a 1-year contract is a commitment that most of the companies are happy to do. 

We know that you are a great SAP Business One partner and your clients love you 😊! you know exactly what your customers’ needs are, even if they haven’t realised that those needs exist! So, take your phone, call your customers, talk about Enterpryze and let us be with you in the process! 

Keep the conversation flowing and the recurring revenue growing… 

Book a demo here to get a personalised one-to-one session with one of our experts 😊

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