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Create the Hybrid Cloud

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COVID-19 created cloud acceleration like no other time in recent years. Companies that never adopted public cloud before have rushed to deploy it to support their changing business needs. And, companies that never thought to adopt cloud have seen a need that they must fulfil.

But how can traditional on-premise solution providers give the Power of Cloud to their customers? By creating the Hybrid cloud. That is by connecting their on-premise or private cloud solution to Enterpryze.

Historically, employees could ‘stop by’ and get the information they needed from the users that had access to SAP.  Questions such as “How much does my customer owe?”, “Do we have that item in stock?” and “Can you place this order for me?”, are now more challenging questions due to lockdowns and remote working.

Help is at hand. You can give all the employees cloud-based access to SAP for a fraction of the cost and also build SAAS revenues for your business. In other words, you can build more re-occurring revenues for your business by Democratising SAP.

Why Enterpryze?

Because cloud matters! Also, we as SAP partners are being asked all the time to provide cloud-based interfaces to SAP. Why?

  • Due to the cost of hosting SAP Business One user.
  • Most users just need a simple interface or a mobile solution
  • Everyone is working differently, and we need to provide a different solution

Connect to the Cloud with Enterpryze

As we compete more with cloud solutions, we must recognise the power of SAP Business One. SAP Business One brings a huge ability to manage complex processes. We must also be able to provide a choice of complex process management for some users and simple cloud-based access for others.

With Enterpryze, you can give more users access to SAP Business One, more functionality and the ability for SAP to compete with cloud solutions. It connects in minutes, copies the settings from SAP and has you up and running at the speed of light.

How Enterpryze can help?

Enterpryze is a solution that works in conjunction with SAP Business One. It gives users access at all times with real-time reporting that can be viewed both in the office and on the go. The suite of mobile apps helps users to log expenses, create sales orders, purchase requests and log service calls out of the office. Enterpryze’s web application has a brand new UI that makes for slick and simple viewing, along with detailed dashboards to give your customers the full picture of what is going on in their business at any given time. Take a look at the new home screens here.

Enterpryze can help your customers grow, with its scalability and the ability to grow with a company from the start-up to the larger businesses, and it can seamlessly integrate into your business with 365 & SAP B1 integrations along with many more.

Enterpryze Cloud Superhero features:

  • “Supercharge” your SAP B1 Solution with the power of Enterpryze
  • “Authoritative” Accounting to give you a full picture of what money is coming in and where your money is being spent in the business, with P&L Accounts, Balance Sheets & General Ledgers, you can utilise Enterpryze as the accountant for your business.
  • “Catapult” your CRM ahead of your competitors and see the full picture of what’s going on with your customers at any one time.
  • “Energise” your expense management with an easy to use app. You can log expenses/ mileage when you’re on the go and it goes straight into the system for approvals.
  • “Inspiring” Inventory Management by having full visibility of how much stock you currently have and how much stock you will need.
  • “Power” your purchasing process with purchase requests, purchase receipts and purchase invoices. Now, you can see what goods are coming into the business and what they are needed for.
  • “Strengthen” your sales team by allowing them to create sales quotes, sales orders and sales invoices on the go. With this, you will have a better view of your pipeline allowing you to plan better for the future.
  • “Speedy” Service Management with digitalised signatures. Your service team can order parts and log the service calls when out at a client.

To find out more about Enterpryze please click here to book a demo

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