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The Enterpryze Certification- Upskilling Employees

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During Covid, we took the opportunity to focus on upskilling employees. We are a believer in continuous learning, and so we invest many hours in training and knowledge sharing sessions within and across the business. It was definitely time well spent.

One of these training sessions was with our CFO, Kieron Kavanagh. Kieron sees an opportunity for us to upskill and educate our employees with his knowledge. Since accountancy is at the core of our product offering, he focuses on the basic of accountancy such as journal entry and the logic behind our accounting solution. Though we are all in different timezones, we manage to have the training across all teams and locations.

Upskilling All Employees

In September, we went one step further when our CEO, Morgan Browne, had the idea that we should build on this, and that we test and certify all our employees. This will help ensure there was a basic level of knowledge transfer and understanding. Upon completion, employees will receive a Certificate of Achievement to acknowledge their hard work.

Needless to say, there was a little apprehension for our teams when they heard the word “exam”. However, the energy and buzz it has created throughout September and October among employees have been incredible.

Planning and Implementing the Enterpryze Certification

To get this moving, Nicole Burke from HR went straight to work. She organised 4 x 1-hour modules via webinar throughout September and October. With the help of our CFO, Kieron to conduct the training session, and with Sharon Mulligan from marketing to devise an exam. The exam compromises of 36 multiple-choice questions.

As of today 95% of our employees have now taken this exam and successfully achieved a pass rate in excess of 70%. Huge Congratulations to all!

A Big Shoutout to the Enterpryze Certification Team

There was a huge team effort involved in getting this over the line in such a short period of time so a big thank you to Kieron, Sharon & Nicole.

An even bigger thank you goes to all our employees! Thank you for taking the time to attend, prepare and sit this exam, well done!

This was always about enabling all of us, no matter what team we work in or what location we are working from, to develop a deeper knowledge & understanding of our product and our customers’ needs.

We drive forward together with a bit more Accountancy knowledge than before, well done everyone!

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