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Ambitious Andromeda Release – Find Out What’s New

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The Ambitious Andromeda Release is here featuring new localised packages, General Ledger Enhancements, New reporting features and much more 😊

What is New in the Ambitious Andromeda Release

1. Localised Packages

We have expanded our new package offerings in the following regions as we continue to expand the reach of Enterpryze: Ireland, UK, Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia. This allows users to select the package that best fits their business all the way from a start up to the super scaler. The packages included are – Invoice & Pay, Accounting, Inventory & ERP.

2. General Ledger Enhancements

We have added new enhancements to the GL, allowing users to control the financial posting on an individual item level. When an item is added to a financial document these changes gives allows users the ability to themselves change posting rules, giving much more control over their finances and inventory reporting.

3. New Reporting Features

On every module in Enterpryze we have added a reports tab to the screen, and it will only display reports that are related to the screen that you are on. This makes building reports for your business easier than ever, just a click of a button and you have your report.

4. Banking Enhancements

You can now view your bank account balances and see the current exchange rates in Enterpryze along with setting up notifications on the banking screens, with our new widget you can view your bank balance, providing more data to you without switching from screen to screen.

5. And Much More

All of this and much more have come to Enterpryze in the Ambitious Andromeda Release, keep an eye out for when these changes go live in the chatbot in the app.

As always if you have any questions on any and all things Enterpryze please contact us 😊

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