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Review of Enterpryze by Siri Trading

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About Siri Trading

Siri Trading Sdn Bhd is a leading interior furnishing company providing roller blinds, curtains and laminated flooring with over 30 years’ experience in Singapore. We also recently expanded our offerings to Malaysia. We create beautifully designed, customisable curtains, blinds and accessories for household clients and property developers. Some of our bigger projects include commercial, residential and condominium in Kuala Lumpur, projected to be completed from 2021 onwards.

Committed to offering efficient and personalised service, all our projects are carefully supervised to offer a beautiful touch to a client’s home. Our materials are of the highest standards, most are also eco-friendly. Some of the materials are RoHs compliant, GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified, anti-bacteria, fireproof and tested for harmful chemicals.

Siri Trading and Enterpryze

Siri Trading has been using Entepryze for a year, we talked with one of their managers, Panny Tan, to understand how Enterpryze has helped them in their journey to be a better business.

How does Siri Trading use Enterpryze?

Our company has an outsourced accountant. We use Enterpryze as a shared platform between our accountant and ourselves, mainly for us see important data about the business. I will compile all the transactions within the business, and at the end of every month, I will then pass on these data to our accountant. They will then put in all this information into Enterpryze.

Siri Trading Review about Enterpryze

“I enjoy using Enterpryze because it is simple to use, and it links our payroll and bank back to the same system.”

I like how easy it is to understand the business with Enterpryze. At any point in time, I can log into Enterpryze to look at the graphs and charts, and those are easy for me to understand. They tell me the information I need to know. Moreover, the finance reports are also helpful for me to understand the health of my business. I mostly look at the profit and loss, balance sheet and bank reconciliation.

Additionally, I have implemented digital processes in my business. I  am working together with Enterpryze’s marketing team and IT technical team to access QR code (QR Pay). This will make it easier for customers to make a payment, it is also less hassle. Furthermore, I can avoid entering the wrong amount and avoid mistakes when issuing a cheque. This is the way to move forward to a cashless society.

Overall, I enjoy using Enterpryze because it is simple to use. Also, it links our payroll and bank back to the same system. We are currently using the invoicing, purchasing and inventory module, but Enterpryze has many more features that we want to explore how we can include them in our business processes.

Share your Experience!

We at Enterpryze are very thankful for any reviews from our customers. To share your experience with Enterpryze, you can contact the marketing team at

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