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What’s new in Enterpryze for SAP Customers

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Throughout 2020 we introduced new features and functionality to Enterpyze that will benefit the SAP Business One users. We are now fully compatible with V10 and have introduced the documents gallery for users to create their own documents along with new home screens for a slick and simple feel to them with dashboards to show you how well your business is performing. Check out what’s new in Enterpryze that will give you better access to SAP Business One throughout 2021

Major September Release

We had a major release in September which consisted of over 300 enhancements in Enterpryze which brought an engaging interface and easy to access information

SAP Business One V10 Integration

Enterpryze is now compatible with SAP Business One V10. Hence, this allows you to seamlessly integrate all of your data that you input into Enterpryze to SAP V10. Previously this was only available for SAP Business One v9.3 users. With SAP Business One’s latest release and Enterpryze, you can now manage your business like never before!

Home Screens

The new home screens include a transactions feed to show you new and updated transactions as they happen, filter by transaction type or by the user to see what money is going out and coming into your business. You can drill down to see the transaction itself too.

Plenty of new widgets have been brought into the home screens so you can now customize your home screen to see the data that you want.

Enhanced Finances

You can now gain better visibility over your finances with improvements made to the General Ledger, Balance of Payments and Profit and Loss screens, allowing you to navigate through your finances with ease.

And Much More

To find out more about what’s new in Enterpryze please click here to book a demo.

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