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How Businesses Are Becoming More Social Media Orientated

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It is well known that social media has an important place in our daily routine. The constant need of sharing our experiences and know what’s happening around us make them indispensable for most of us.

The interaction that we have with our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… is fast, intuitive and allows us to consume a large amount of information in a few minutes. These generation has changed completely their interaction with digital platforms; this has to be translated into our business management Software. A company is a network that has to be connected, updated and active.

All business owners have one thing in common: they need to access the information from anywhere at any time, and they must communicate with their team in a quick and effective way, just like social media. So, the business management software should allow the access to the data on the road from a mobile device, multiple times a day, and each time they will access new and relevant information. What if you can add reactions to a quote for example, a “check” o a “like”? What if you can add a note to an invoice and tag someone to start a conversation? imagine a news feed that shows the latest transactions created by my team!

In Enterpryze we are evaluating constantly the user experience in our web and mobile platforms. For us it is very important that someone who has never been in touch with an ERP or similar software before can interact with Enterpyze just as he/she does with Instagram or facebook. The transactions feed, notifications, and Favorites in Enterpyze as well as the integrations with third party solutions help us bring to our customers a complete and cool platform to manage their business.

Don’t be surprised if in a near future your sales rep become influencers and your transactions become posts!

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