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SAP Business One & Enterpryze VS Stand Alone CRM Solutions

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CRM cloud solutions have become a dominant solution desired by Business. Why? because of the ease of use, the accessibility and the user experience. CRM solutions need to be simple to ensure that users engage with them. They need to power to provide the business with the insights that it needs.

But what if you could have a CRM solution and more? It won’t take long to realise that having integrated Inventory levels, full visibility of your supply chain and comprehensive customer information available through a cloud-based interface or mobile device would be far superior to a perceived best of breed solution.

Not only that, let’s strip it back to basics, you will be using yet another system.

Why not use just one system?

Enterpryze offers an alternative. by being tightly integrated with SAP, users can get insights into inventory levels, customer account balances, open transactions and more. it empowers the salespeople beyond the remit of traditional CRM solutions.

What’s more, there is no complex integration, no setup or management of 2 systems as Enterpryze reads the settings from SAP and the data mapping is already done.

Enterpryze makes it easy to offer your SAP customers CRM in minutes. So you can build the solutions landscape with your customer and help them run their business better.

We know that CRM isn't just for salespeople.

It’s for service engineers, logistics users, executives and many more of the employees that never got a license for SAP Business One for one reason or another. And Enterpryze isn’t just about CRM. It’s about managing your sales peoples expenses, helping your delivery drivers deliver, Help you get paid faster and so much more.

Discover what your SAP Business One has been truly missing.

Book a Demo with one of our Enterpryze Experts today.

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