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How to Connect Enterpryze with SAP Business One

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Enterpryze for SAP Business One - How Do They Integrate?

If you use SAP Business One and want to expand that solution with Enterpryze, then you’ll want to know to what extent the two solutions work together and how exactly they integrate.

Therefore, if you’re wondering how to connect Enterpryze with SAP Business One — that’s exactly what this article will show you.

Data Synchronisation

Enterpryze is a very powerful business management solution in its own right.

Plus, it becomes even powerful in conjunction with SAP Business One!

Enterpryze is completely native to the SAP platform and fully integrates with Business One. That means that everything you do in Enterpryze instantly synchronises with your Business One solution and vice versa.

Actions like managing inventory, creating sales documents, lodging expenses, as well as every transaction you and your team create in either application will appear in both. Instantly.

Configure the Firewall

SAP & Enterpryze need to be given permission to communicate with each other.

You can do this by configuring settings on the firewall that’s on your SAP Server. Your network provider will be able to help with that! There’s no need to connect Enterpryze’s Middleware to a port that’s currently not in use.

For all the details on this, read our Help Centre article here: EDS – Firewall Information.

Setup Enterpryze on Your SAP Environment

While SAP Business One is hosted on a server, Enterpryze is completely cloud-based. Connecting the two requires installing Enterpryze’s bridging service on your SAP server where your DI API is installed. This bridging service is called the Enterpryze Data Service or EDS.

You will see there are multiple versions of the EDS that you can install. Each one is for a different edition of SAP Business One.

If you’re not sure what EDS you should download, run the Enterpryze Kick Off app available on the Integration page. Run it on your SAP Server and it will tell you which Enterpryze Data Service to install.

Versions of EDS and Enterpryze Kick Off App Link

For more on this here’s our guide to installing the EDS on our Help Centre: Enterpryze Data Service.

Connect your Database

There are still some fields to fill in before the connection to your SAP system is complete:

SAP Fields in Enterpryze

Data Importing

We’re at the home stretch now and all the technical bits are out of the way!

Now, you just have to import your business’ data into Enterpryze and it’s very easy to do. Additionally, you don’t need CSV files here either. Because of the SAP Database connection, simply choose the data types you want to import ie Journal Entries, Service Calls, Sales Orders etc.

Not to mention you’re able to import up to 2 years worth of transactional data and all your object data.

Add Users and Permissions

You’re all set up! The last thing to do is to invite your team and set their permissions, where they’ll get an invite to join via email.

In the same fashion, they’ll only see what you gave them access to. This keeps the system simple for the users that don’t need to see your balance sheet or profit & loss to perform the day-to-day tasks of their job.

Need more help with figuring out how to connect Enterpryze with SAP Business One? Click here to book a demo. 

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