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Drive Net New Names with SAP Business One & Enterpryze

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SAP Business One is designed for the needs of SMEs. BUT how many times we have lost opportunities because the price point is too high? Limited user licenses might help, but most of the times it is just not enough. So, we, as B1 partners, have left a huge piece of the cake for local players with very limited solutions that restrict the customer to scale and grow his business.

  • If we analyze the SME Market, the big volume is in the smallest customers that need an ERP but have tight budgets. SAP is aspirational and all the small companies dream of having an SAP ERP running their business. Before we reveal our secret to selling SAP Business One to the smallest companies, we will analyze how these deals are different from the ones that we are used to.
  • These small businesses are figuring out what are the best practices to run their operation, so it is probably the first ERP solution that they will implement. This means, in most cases, that they will adapt to a standard set up of B1.
  • They need flexibility in prices and users, so they don’t feel comfortable committing to a 100% on-premise ERP. Their needs change every day and they are consolidating their business and team. A cloud solution makes much more sense to them.

How Enterpryze can help drive net new names?

Enterpryze is flexible and scalable to meet your client’s demands. A cloud solution that packs a punch with dashboards, banking feeds and that can be used as both a stand-alone ERP solution or that can easily integrate into your current clients SAP Business One solution.

This flexibility offered by the “Hybrid Cloud” is the secret to win and drive Net New Names and be present in a market of volume and big opportunities. You can be the superhero to your clients by giving them the best of SAP Business One at any time and any place at a very reasonable cost thanks to  Enterpryze.

Reduce your sales cycles and increase your customer base thanks to the “Hybrid Cloud”.

To find out more click here to book a demo.

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