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Documents Gallery & Design Service

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What is the documents Gallery

How you present yourself to your business partners is very important. It impacts your brand and how you need to present the right information. To help our customers we have created the Documents Gallery. A library of layouts a company can choose from that are already built and ready to go.

Simply log on to the gallery Here and see a range of different layouts your customer can choose from for free. Once they choose our gallery of examples they can simply select this as their default in Enterpryze. Don’t worry f they want to change it any time they can. What’s more, our document layouts can be automatically translated to any supported language with one click of a button.

If you need something unique or the layouts don’t match what you’re looking for we are delighted to offer you a complete design service. Simply provide us with the layout design you want and our design team will create your layouts for you and deliver them directly into your Enterpryze company account. They will just magically appear for you to review, test and if necessary tweak.

How Does the Documents Gallery Benefit Users

The customer’s logo and company details are picked up automatically from settings. The user can choose the design layout the like the most. They can add text to be printed on each document type, like terms and conditions or bank details for payments. The layouts follow the same style and users can mix and match when setting their defaults for each document type.

End-users can choose from a large range of layout designs available as standard, so they don’t have to spend time and money on external services to customise them.

Things to note

  • The documents that are already existing in SAP Business One are not transferable to Enterpryze now.
  • These custom documents provide your customers with a personalised feel and they help to better connect with your customers.
  • You can also be confident that your customers and suppliers will always receive consistent communications from your organisation.
  • If required, you can get Enterpryze to create a new layout for you and deliver it straight to your account.
  • PDF documents can be emailed either manually or automatically, downloaded and previewed.

To find out more about Enterpryze please click here to book a demo.

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