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Brexit impact on SAP Business One Users

Brexit Sap Business One

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Brexit will have a huge impact on businesses and SAP Business One. But what does it mean for SAP Business One users and, more importantly, how do you prepare for it?

For years, it seemed like the only topic on everyone’s lips was Brexit. Once the UK made a decision to leave the EU in 2016, preparations to exit began. This includes trade deals and business processes we’ve operated under since joining. In late 2019, the final date for completing the transition was set as 31st December 2020, giving the government a little over a year to ‘get the job done’.

We all expected Brexit to dominate our waking thoughts for that period. However, a new threat emerged – the coronavirus pandemic. After six months of varying degrees of lockdown and a complete change in our ways of life and work, we are now facing the ‘new normal’. With only four months to go, Brexit is now back at the top of the agenda. Particularly for businesses who are already dealing with challenges as a result of the pandemic.

Brexit Impact on SAP Business One Users

For our SAP Business One customers, I want to reassure you that this is a milestone we are prepared for. SAP has published its roadmap for handling the transition. This consists of several elements:

  • A new UK (Brexit) localisation, distinct from the current UK and Ireland localisation. This is the platform for delivering new, Brexit-related legislation functionality that will emerge in the coming months.
  • A simple migration tool to convert existing UK and Ireland databases to the new UK (Brexit) version.

Release 10 of SAP Business One

These features are being delivered with patch 3 of the new Release 10 of SAP Business One, due out shortly. Release 10 supersedes the 9.3 version which is now out of mainstream maintenance, following the last patch delivered at the end of June 2020.

So, for you to be ready to move forward as a business post-Brexit, you will need to upgrade to Release 10 as soon as you can. For any companies who didn’t adopt the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) feature in the last 18 months, you will have the added advantage of getting access to this as part of your upgrade.

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