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Multiple Users, Multiple Levels of Permission

Creating Multiple Users

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Multiple-User Environment

In 2020, many businesses are beginning to see the need to digitalise their processes and transactions. When this happens, data are usually stored in one place where it can be accessed by multiple users. This creates a multiple-user environment. This is beneficial for business as it prevents inconsistent data that may be caused by missing paperwork or human-error.

However, when a multiple-user environment exists, the new issue that arises with this is the ability to have control over the access of different users. If there is no control, you will be dealing with inconsistent or “dirty” data.

For instance, you would want to provide your salesperson with access to log expenses, but NOT the access to perform bank reconciliation.

Therefore, we’ve made the ability to control simple and easy. Take a look at how you can control users access and permission levels in Enterpryze:

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