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How to Register for PEPPOL/InvoiceNow E-invoicing?

How To Register Peppol

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What is PEPPOL/ InvoiceNow e-invoicing and why you should register for it? PEPPOL E-invoicing or more commonly known as InvoiceNow in Singapore is a system that supports cross-border procurement. The e-invoicing network helps to send invoices in a structured digital format across different finance systems. Traditionally, this process takes time and is prone to human error. In other words, you can send invoices directly into your customer’s or supplier’s system. This system basically allows two different accounting system to “talk” to each other.

How to Register?

It is simple! If you are already an Enterpryze user, then you can register for PEPPOL/ InvoiceNow with us:

  1. First, notify our support team at of your intent and submit an Authorisation Letter
  2. Then, we will register you with the PEPPOL authority for using our access point
  3. Once you receive approvals, you can easily set it up in Entepryze with the help of this video guide. And you are DONE!

E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG)

In an effort to help businesses digitalise, the E-Invoicing Registration Grant (ERG) from IMDA provides businesses with a one-time payment of $200 per UEN, upon first registration to the E-invoicing Network on or before 31 December 2020. If you have not registered, contact our support team!

You do not need to apply for the grant. Participants who qualify will receive the payout automatically provided they have complied with the terms and conditions.

Einvoicing Registration Grant

PEPPOL / InvoiceNow E-invoicing with Enterpryze

Enterpryze is a PEPPOL-ready solution. This means that any invoices you send using Enterprzye, can be also sent through the PEPPOL network with just one tick! Moreover, your stock level syncs automatically with your e-invoice, helping you to monitor your stocks more accurately. Therefore, having a PEPPOL-ready solution like Enterpryze will shorten your invoicing processing time, and receive payment faster without any manual paperwork.

So, how does this benefit your business? There are many advantages to having PEPPOL/ InvoiceNow. It is a secured network, you reduce human error, you save time and costs. Also, going paperless means you get to play a part in saving the environment. Most importantly, your business can receive payment faster! Still not convinced? Here we’ve highlighted the benefits of having PEPPOL/ InvoiceNow.

Join the e-invoicing network today! Get your business PEPPOL-Ready with Enterpryze!

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