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Work Productivity Tips to Get More Done

Manage Workload

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Regardless of what discipline you work in, these work productivity tips will get you crushing your goals in no time. 

It is important to first get your priorities straight. So here are some work productivity tips to get you through the day! 

8 questions to ask yourself.

These questions help you set a clear expectation for yourself and those who count on you to get the job done.

  1. What exactly do you want to achieve yourself?
  2. On the other hand, what do you want to achieve collectively as a team?  
  3. Which are the most important goals you want to reach? 
  4. What standards need to be met?
  5. How will you go about reaching these goals/standards? 
  6. Who else is involved? Who can offer guidance and support?
  7. What are the challenges I may or may not face? How can I overcome them? 
  8. Finally, ask yourself when do I want to have these goals met? 

(Personally,¬†I find that if I set a¬†deadline¬†it keeps me focused¬†ūüėä)¬†

Start breaking the overall goals into smaller manageable tasks.

Be realistic when determining tasks! Don’t set yourself up with unachievable expectations, as this will likely result in failure and low morale and nobody wants this. 

Be clear and concise.

At the beginning of your day organise these tasks by level of importance. 

Prioritise the tasks that are needed more urgently and complete those first, then approach the lesser urgent tasks. 

This will allow for more efficiency! 

Divide your time based on multiple tasks.

There will always be tasks that arise daily that pop up all of a sudden, needing your immediate action. 

This is to be expected and a factor of every day working life (and life in general).  

Take this in your stride and the more you practice time management the more confident you will become and in turn better able to manage your precious time.  

Just remember if things become a little overwhelming, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  

As you implement these work productivity tips, keep in mind that you can do anything you put your mind to! 

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