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Why Positive Culture & Style Triumphs at Enterpryze

Enterpryze has launched and completed our first internal HR training – Culture & Style Webinar last month! Here, we wanted to highlight what is working well in our culture and what our company style is.

What does culture and style mean to Enterpryze?

At Enterpryze, culture and style comes from the top down (from management to the overall workforce) and is what lives and breathes in our people.

Enterpryze is driven by our vision, mission and values – and we’ve infused positive culture and style through these 3 elements too.

Our unique culture and style have evolved over time, yet built on strong foundations.

Thus, the Culture & Style webinar in 2021 was meant to highlight its importance to the company’s performance and explain how everyone can carry forward such practices in their day-to-day work.

Training such as these was built to deliver one outcome; allowing our people to understand the best ways to role model Enterpryze’s culture and style in everything that they do.

Our values define our behaviours & attributes. Our behaviours & attributes drive our style & culture.

Values in the Enterpryze company charter

Born from the belief in ourselves, we deliver technology solutions to businesses. Our commitment, knowledge and innovation set us apart from, and above others.

We live on the cutting edge, excited by what we can do next. Never standing still, we prefer to disrupt; always looking to build on our success.

Innovation is at the core of our purpose; we continuously seek to challenge the status quo. We strive to deliver value in everything we do and invite feedback from our clients, partners and colleagues to ensure this.

We believe our people are the core to our success and, our key difference.

We recruit to match our culture, our values and to play a key part in our ambitious plans. Enterpryze also believes in developing, retaining and promoting from within, always supporting our people to achieve their potential.

We value each other because that is what makes us great.

Our attributes and characteristics

Our culture has been key in driving our success, especially in 2020.

We took time to drill down and look at what the attributes & behaviours were that led to this success.

It was found that leaders and managers are role models for these attributes – and our workforce role models such attributes in their own work.

As such, Enterpryze strives to live and breathe our values every day whilst holding every single person accountable to such attributes and values.

Join a global team with Enterpryze.

See how you can pioneer the way for small businesses all around the world.

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