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COVID-19: Best Return to Work & Safe Practices Plans

Return To Work Best Practice

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After months of lock down due to the COVID-19, it is finally time to reintroduce our employees back to the office with a Return-to-Work plan and safe practices. During the lock down period, our employees have adapted seamlessly to our new work-from-home environment, and this has been core to our success through these unusual times. 

However with this “new norm”, there are many challenges. Our new workplaces have have evolved into a “bring-your-family-to-work-everyday” scenario. We have embraced these challenges and we know that so many other businesses find themselves in a similar environment. Though faced with different challenges, we at Enterpryze are resilient. And, I am very proud of the teams in Enterpryze who continually support each other at this time. 


Now that we are beginning to reintroduce employees back to the office, we have taken several measures: 

Here are some of the safe practices and return to work plans we’ve taken

Building cleaning & maintenance

We will be flushing the water systems in all offices. This will ensure any potential risks, due to water pooling and storage caused by decreased usage. In addition,  technicians will conduct a maintenance check of the HVAC systems. This is to ensure that there is no health risk for employees.

Also, we will conduct a deep cleaning of all offices and the cleaning standards will maintain as per guideline. In the event where this is not possible, employees will be provided with the necessary sanitary equipment to ensure their workspace are always kept hygienic and clean.

Social Distancing (No Handshakes & No Hugging!)

We outlined desk spaces that are available to work from and identify desk spaces that are unavailable. Spaces between desks will be following the social distancing guidelines of the country. In order to reduce physical contact, we are also limiting face-to-face meetings to “essential meetings” only. On top of that, we will adjust the capacity of the meetings rooms.

There will also be changes in communal areas such as kitchen, canteen, bathroom and corridors. We will reduce the capacity of these areas and displaying signage of the reduced capacity, one-way system, wait in line etc.

We will provide PPE for all employees returning to work from the offices including masks, gloves & hand sanitisers. Where PPE is not advised as necessary, some employees may feel safer using them in the office.

Business travels & visiting

For the duration of this pandemic, business travel should not take place, remote meetings/training should replace onsite visits where possible. Hence, customer site visits should not take place. However where this is not possible, employees will need to adhere to the customer site safety requirements.

Employees who become ill during work

Should any employee feel ill during their normal working day they should inform their line manager immediately and if they are in the office, they should return home asap. Employees can then either continue to work safely in isolation from their home or depending on their symptoms (COVID-19) or the severity of their symptoms of other should contact their GP.

Ensuring the safety of our employees is at our topmost priority. That is why we are re-introducing employees back to the workplace carefully. Also, we are providing flexibility to employees who are facing continual challenges due to childcare / carer responsibilities.

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