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5 Areas of Innovation for HR & Management

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When it comes to Enterpryze’s HR practices, innovation never takes a back seat.

It is the core duty of management to constantly improve and adapt to the demands of the modern workplace.

This includes implementing new ideas and technologies to better meet the ever-evolving requirements of its workforce.

Therefore, you could say it’s about anticipating future needs and circumstances rather than simply finding a response to a changing present situation.  

Recruitment Innovation

Good recruitment is essential to the success of every organization.

Perhaps this is why we see – a lot of innovative technologies in this part of HR.  

In the face of a pandemic, Enterpryze’s screening calls are completely virtual.

But even then, these sorts of virtual calls are an opportunity for hiring teams to see candidates perform in the role they are seeking to fill. 

All of this has to be done before any decisions are made.

By providing a controlled environment for a candidate to showcase their capabilities, these measurable metrics go a long way in hiring decisions.

Of course, the data also gives a picture of a candidate’s capabilities, and this goes well beyond a resume or first impression. 


Strictly speaking, onboarding is part and parcel of recruitment.

But since a candidate needs to be hired in order to go through the onboarding process, we’ll treat it as a separate example of HR innovation. 

It’s unfortunate that some companies don’t place much emphasis on onboarding.

Whether that’s from members of the team chasing deadlines, or a shaky company culture — overlooking this vital step could mean that employees don’t feel connected to the company in the beginning.

Luckily, there is HR technology that manages the entire onboarding process.

Some solutions even take over as soon as a candidate has signed his or her contract. Hence making sure your fresh recruits don’t feel like they’ve fallen off the radar. 

Learning & Development (L&D)

Another area that we have put lots of effort into are employee learning & development (L&D).

Enterpryze is now in a position to offer our workforce on-demand, real-time learning that allows staff the flexibility to learn about our company on their own time.

Employees can access the L&D content on any kind of device and learn about things that are in line with their personal career goals.  

Talent Management

A talent management dashboard gives HR a comprehensive overview of their talent pool. This enables them to communicate with and nurture their talent in order to plan for the future. 

A talent management dashboard has 5 main functions:- 

  • Reporting 
  • Performance management 
  • Engagement with talent
  • L&D 
  • Talent pipeline 

Performance Management

Enterpryze makes sure to implement real-time 360-degree employees’ performance reviews.  

Today’s performance management technology enables organizations to let their employees – and managers – give and receive continuous feedback.

The software we use tracks staff overall progress and gives valuable insights along the way.

This helps managers to support their employees when necessary, and create a healthy culture of two-way communication. 

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