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16 years of working in Enterpryze / Milner Browne

Experience Working In Enterpryze

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As I step into the role of Managing Director, thought I’d reflect on my life working in Milner Browne Enterpryze. So here goes!

How I started working in Milner Browne Enterpryze

In 2008, after working for several years in a local company with Morgan and other current colleagues, Morgan set up what is now Milner Browne Enterpryze. I kicked in as Support Manager – responsible for the day to day management of the support team. Tough times, as the world entered recession – but in typical Milner Browne Enterpryze style, we innovated and came out the other side.

In 2011, I extended my scope to Director of Customer Service. We took on more products and add-ons and continued to extend the functionality of our own B1 apps. We started hosting larger customer events, and really got to know our Customers across the UK and Ireland.

In 2015, as Operations Director I added the Services and Development functions to my role. I worked on promoting our organisation and its culture both internally and externally. Also, discuss with anyone who would listen why we are more than just your software provider; we are your partner in the true sense of the word. Our Milner Browne Academy started life during this time – and continues to grow.

2018 saw me move to Asia in the General Manager Role for the region. We established the processes and functions, building rhythm and routine. A large team grew from a small start and continues to expand. We partnered with local SAP Teams, SAP Partners and one of our largest Enterpryze Clients – exciting times (& great weather!).

Where I am now

In 2020, I came home, and I stayed within the Enterpryze side of the business and worked in our product team as Product Life-Cycle Management Specialist. For the first time in my career, I worked with Product and not people. I had the opportunity to review and assess our product, and I got to work with our amazing team of developers and found out the ins and outs of product development. I did miss working with our customers though.

So now, as we move towards the last quarter of what has been a challenging year for all of us, I am thrilled to be back working in the Irish market as Managing Director of our Irish business.

And this look back reminded me of the last sentence in our Company Charter – ‘we value each other because that is what makes us great’. I value my colleagues as they are the best in the business. I value our customers because you enable us to remain excited by what we do.

So, here’s to the next 16 years, as we continue to innovate and deliver value in what we do.

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