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The New Enterpryze Home Screen

New Enterpryze Home Screen

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What's New On the Home Screen

We wanted to make Enterpryze as beautiful and engaging as it is functional. So we have designed a stunning new home screen to simplify how you use Enterpryze, and also to give you valuable information all in one place.

The new home screen is built around widgets that enable you to customise your home screen to meet your own personal needs. We know that every user is different, so Watch out for new widgets coming your way soon.

New Enterpryze Home Screen Features

Transactions Feed

The transaction feed shows you new and updated transactions as they happen. You can filter the feed to see the transactions you want or filter it by the user or company. For example, when you see an order for a customer, you can then quickly filter the feed to show all the transactions just for that particular customer. Or you can quickly drill down to see the transaction itself.

The feed is clever enough to show users the data they are allowed to see. So if you restrict transactions or data we will only show your users what they are allowed to see.

Home Screen Transaction Feed


Get to important pages as quickly as possible! The customisable shortcut widget allows you to gather your important transactions into one view. You can add up to 6 quick links into this widget. Also, the favourites widget gives you faster access to your most important customers.



As part of our activities UI changes and the addition of reminders, we have also included a widget to help you see your days’ activities. We’ve designed it to show your weeks’ activity. Therefore, you can see the tasks you’ve completed in a day, and easily scroll to look at yesterday’s or the day before’s activities.

The beauty of the activities widget in Enterpryze is how they are an integrated part of the platform and interacts with every transaction type such as invoices, quote and opportunities. Therefore, it can provide you with a summary of what happened in a day.

In the September 2020 release, we built a new home screen widget to put the activities widget front and centre, so each user can see their day’s activities and the ones created for them by other users.

Home Screen Activities

These activities could be part of an ongoing service call, a follow up to an opportunity or a request from finance to chase a customer for payment. Additionally, when you create a new activity, you will be able to see the historical activities of that transaction. You can also set a reminder and attach documents or transactions to it.

Concept Behind the New Notifications Widget

Enterpryze notifications widget is one of the many new features of the latest release of Enterpryze. Let’s first get into the concept behind the new notifications widget.

Management by exception is part of the dream of running a business, but is it achievable? As your business grows, how do you maintain control over every aspect?

Well, you can’t really. So that’s where the concept of management by exception comes in. It set the rules that your business runs by, and when your process deviates from those rules… Well, you manage the exception.

This is why we built the purchase and expense approvals. We want you to have control, especially ones that can affect your cash flow and profitability.

And with the latest release of Enterpryze we have brought in a whole new notifications widget that brings all those notifications into one place on our new Home Screen.

Home Screen Notification

Notifications Widget

We have brought all the important notifications you need into one place. Whether it is pending expense or purchase approvals, reminders on activities, you can be alerted on our new home screen. This keeps you on important tasks daily, and helps you organise your work better. We have also enabled Google Chrome notifications so if your away from Enterpryze, you can still be notified.

One of the lesser-known notification that can help you manage escalations as much as deviations is the “follow function”. This function allows you to choose certain transactions, then follow it. So that when there is an update or a change to a transaction or customer account.

For example, when a customer asks for an update on an order, you can easily provide the update since you’ve already followed the transaction and you are notified. Or when you have an escalated service call, you can follow it to a successful conclusion.

Enterpryze built the new notifications widget to help you grow your business and maintain control at the same time.

The Home screen is our inspiration for the new dashboard screens that are part of our new UI enhancements in September 2020. We hope you love them as much as we do!

New to Enterpryze?

Enterpryze is a scalable, flexible cloud-based solution with a suite of complimentary mobile apps to help SMEs optimise their processes and increase cash flow. Experience Enterpryze today!

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