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November Release – New Banking Screens, SAP V10 Integration, New Document Features & More

November Release

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Our November release is here, off the back of a busy few months with two releases and one of them being a major release, our latest release has landed 😊

What’s New in the November Release?

New bank reconciliation screens, SAP V10 integration, new document features, financial enhancements and a public API which allows customers to access more data. This release allows you to manage your finances better and create more detailed documents, allowing you full visibility over your business in a simplified fashion.

1. Improved Banking Screens

The new banking reconciliation screen has been completely redesigned to include a transaction feed, graphs to show where your money is being spent and how it is coming into your business and the new widgets provide information about live data on your banking screen, along with the foreign exchange rates for your viewing.

2. SAP Business One V10 Integration

Enterpryze is now compatible with SAP Business One V10. Hence, this allows you to seamlessly integrate all of your data that you input into Enterpryze to SAP V10. Previously this was only available for SAP Business One v9.3 users. With SAP Business One’s latest release and Enterpryze, you can now manage your business like never before!

3. New Document Features

In this new release, you can add an additional footer when inputting extra costs into documents. With this change, you can calculate the total costs correctly if there are shipping costs or any other extra costs.

4. Financial Enhancements

Now you can set a G/L code for your business partner for automatic posting for financial postings from service documents for your customers, this quickens up the process of inputting any financial data.

5. Connect to Enterpryze with Ease

Now you can connect to Enterpryze via the open API, this allows you to have more data around items, stock levels and prices. If a customer would like to create their own addons to the platform now you can simply use the open API to do so.

All of this and more are coming to Enterpryze in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for when these changes go live in the chatbot in the app.

As always if you have any questions on any and all things Enterpryze please contact us 😊

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