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Mid-September Release – Financial Enhancements, New Document Layouts & More

Mid September Release

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No we’re not quite done with the latest changes that have come to Enterpryze in September just yet, although this mid-September release may not be as big as the major release that came to Enterpryze at the start of the month, it still packs quite a powerful punch!

What’s New in the Mid-September Release?

Financial enhancements, new document layouts, empowering your customers and how to improve your online shop are included in this release. We give you the tools for your business to scale and manage your business processes better.

1. Better Visibility over your Finances

On top of the major release in September we have added even more enhancements to the finance module. Hence, giving your finance team a better understanding of where your income is coming from, and also how your business is spending.

2. Receive Payments Quicker

Enterpryze Customer Portal now allows your customers to view their open invoices and give them the option to pay one or multiple invoices at a time. Your customers can now view multiple invoices at a time and pay you via the method of their choice, allowing you to get paid quicker.

3. Enhanced Shopify Integration

You can now manage multiple stores in your Shopify account and differentiate their transactions and post them in Enterpryze into the specified organisation.

4. Get to Know Your Customers Better

Improve your customer relations by knowing more about them and having more contact details in the CRM. You can can now store more information about your customers and reaching them through different ways.

5. New Service Documents

We hear you! Why should sales & finance get all the new documents. Well, we’ve added in service type purchase documents allowing you to create purchasing services documents too.

All of this and more are coming to Enterpryze in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for when these changes go live in the chatbot in the app.
As always if you have any questions on any and all things Enterpryze please contact us here or click the button below😊

To log in to start using Enterpryze please follow the link here:

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