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January Release – Improved UI, PEPPOL Updates, QR Codes and More

Enterpryze Jan Release

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In 2020, we’ve been busy making a lot of upgrades to the platform. 2021 will continue to be a year of innovation. Therefore, we started off 2021 with this new January release. 😊

This release includes improvement to the UI, PEPPOL updates, New QR Codes and new functions to the Transaction Feed.

What is New in the January Release?

1. More Filtering Options Available

Users can now filter through the different types of transactions in the Transaction Feed on their home screen, if you want to filter between purchasing orders and sales orders it is now possible to do so.

2. PEPPOL e-Invoicing

We have included PEPPOL e-invoicing as part of the Enterpryze Accounting package. You can now send standardised invoices to your customers or suppliers using this function. If you have not registered for the PEPPOL e-Invoicing, you are just three steps away.

3. Improved User Interface in "Companies"

In the “Companies” module, we made changes to the UI to provide for better readability.

4. More detail input fields

On the sales and purchasing module, speed up the processes of inputting data into the system by choosing the number of items in the choose items screen This brings quicker admin and processing time.

5. DuitNow (Malaysia) on the mCollect POS app

Now you can get paid with DuitNow on the mCollect POS app via QR Code scanning. Just scan the QR Code and get paid as simple as that.

All of this and more are coming to Enterpryze in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for when these changes go live in the chatbot in the app.

As always if you have any questions on any and all things Enterpryze please contact us 😊 To log in to start using Enterpryze here

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