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How A Service Call Solution Empowers Your Field Technicians

How are service calls dealt with in your business?

Commonly, there are two ways that a business can execute this. Business A could receive a call from a customer about a product they purchased from you that needs repairing or updating.

You immediately send a message to your technician on the road signalling him/her to visit that customer this week to get it rectified.

On that day (and armed with only a brief explanation of what the problem is) your technician turns up with a vague understanding of the customer’s previous purchase, the exact problem or with the specific tools needed to fix the issue if it’s a complex one.

Another visit to the customer is required – and while your business incurs a cost, so does your customer walk away feeling underwhelmed about the experience.

How do service management apps improve your business?

Incorrect service call management using spreadsheets and other antiquated methods may result in wasted income, staff errors, and, eventually, dissatisfied customers.

So what’s the solution?

A cloud-based management system that can handle service calls, dispatching and scheduling, fleet management, and more is needed for modern teams if they want to maintain or improve customer satisfaction.

In fact, many small businesses have already started using a delivery app as it helps streamline their operations.

Why do you need to switch to delivery service app?

Let’s look at this situation.

You own a CCTV surveillance company that cameras to several businesses in the country.

The quality of your technology is exceptional – but because you’re running a small business with a lean team, you think there’s no need to equip yourself with a service delivery app just yet.

Then, a customer complains about a faulty piece of equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Because you’re entertaining many other facets of your business – you overlook this request or fail to follow up with the service engineer in charge of the call.

That could be one scenario, or your service engineer could show up delayed and unprepared for resolving the exact problem – which warrants another visit by your business.

Even if the service engineer fixes the problem, he or she needs to return to base and issue an invoice to the customer for additional spare parts – wasting precious hours in a day.

Here are two common issues that might arise:

  • A waste of time on both parties

Paperwork processes require physically moving paper documents from one person to another.

Every time you manually edit your data, you have to double-check the accuracy of the information.

Therefore, this is a big waste of time and resources from your business and from a customer’s perspective.

This is followed by an increase in business expense (petrol for your service engineers on the road, the cost of paperwork and wasted hours, etc.) which is never a good thing for growing companies.

  • Manual processes have outdated or no security measures

Filing cabinets are rapidly becoming outdated. Thus, the risk of losing your important information is very high.

At the same time, you are wasting your manpower when everything can be done digitally.

How can a service management app benefits SMEs?

The Enterpryze app for example links your whole service team, whether they are in the office or out in the field, ensuring that each member has access to the precise information required for the task.

3 key benefits are:

  • Hassle-free service management¬†

Proof of completion can be run through your various departments instantly, making the entire service call request a more transparent one.

Because it’s made available on the Play and App Store – you get to monitor requests 24/7 to see if your technicians have completed the job, what they need to complete a job and other additional notes.

  • Digital records are at your fingertips¬†

Digital documents files are more easily searchable and accessible to people with the appropriate permission.

  • No more data lost¬†

There are no problems when digital files are lost or misplaced, and even if someone deletes a document, you can recover it.

With the help of integrated mapping – you can also track your service engineers on the road!

From the worksite, field personnel may check addresses, get project data, and attach comments and images of the particular call.

You can manage the whole service lifecycle with Enterpryze’s service call management software, the minute a call request is placed to when the final invoice is sent to the customer.

Information on the Enterpryze Service app is made accessible to those with permissions – so as a business owner you’re able to monitor specific technicians and their performance.

You get to do away with the hassle of paperwork, wasted visits and high costs – and rather boost your customer’s perception of the business through smooth communication.

Go here to book a demo for¬†Enterpryze’s Service module (included in the ERP solution) – and choose faster operations for your business today.

See how easy your service requests can be.

Empower your field service technicians on the road with better information to serve your customers Рwhile reducing expenses and monitoring each request anywhere you are. 

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