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Perfecting Field Service Management through Cloud ERP Software

If you manage a team of service professionals in the field – you’ll understand some of the challenges that can arise along the way,

Operations such as these require time, accuracy and the right platform to keep track of.

Considering there are many variables to think about when sending someone off for a servicing job, it’s no wonder that businesses need a proper management platform to aggregate all operations.

To help such businesses with this; cloud ERP software presents a simplified and faster way to keep your servicing running and customers still happy with your business.

What is field service management?

Field service management is enabling your team on the road to manage/sell/service where they know best – on the road or on-site.

Gone are the days of having to go back to the office and transfer info from a notebook into an application or not knowing where your team are, and what they are doing – until they come back and report.

Now we all have the ability to update on the go; using real-time information (stock, pricing, parts, scheduling, tracking, etc.).

This speeds up the cycle for your customer, and ensures the correctness of the work carried out or the parts used, without having to rely on your memory or some scribbled notes.

What makes a good service experience?

It’s vital to schedule and execute field service work correctly as that interaction can affect what customers/clients think about a certain company.

The 3 factors customers will rate an experience from:-

  • Communication – If your customer has an urgent requirement, they want to know what is being done, when it is being done and who is doing it.
  • Cost – We all want value for money and being able to supply a costing to someone when on-site (even an estimate) helps your customer.
  • Ownership – Field service management gives responsibility to your team on the road, so ensure they own and complete what they set out to do.
Why cloud ERP software improves field service management

With cloud ERP – your visibility is increased tenfold.

Think of an audit trail of work done, parts used, times on-site, resource supplied and more to streamline this entire process, and respectively, communications between each department.

Here are 5 tasks that perfect the art of field service – achievable using cloud ERP:-

a) Integrated with your backend application from the outset. 

While a good cloud ERP software for field service works as a standalone – it also works in tandem with other applications.

These include accounting and financial dashboards, asset/inventory management, invoicing, CRM and more.

b) Monitoring your stock. 

Keeping costs low is important in any service business.

These include having instant access to the right parts and supplies – so that field service technicians can avoid multiple visits needed to fix something.

c) Shorten your billing cycle. 

Long service to cash cycles and delays will negatively impact your billing cycle – causing your payments to be settled much longer than necessary.

When technicians still use paper to record a job’s information, that means that data is only passed to office staff at the end of the day and must be entered manually.

There’s also the issue of not having enough customer data (warranty info, discounts, etc.) that delay the process back at the office.

Lack of automation will also affect the rate at which an invoice is sent to the customer – and can be remedied by having a good workflow with your cloud ERP software.

d) All-in-one dashboard to focus on specific metrics. 

With the help of a point platform such as cloud ERP – you can use it’s dashboard information to review business performance and save costs while adding value.

Look at vehicle maintenance planning, top customers and highest spenders etc for data that can help you make better business decisions.

Not having a proper system in place can cost your business.

Sending someone onsite with no knowledge of the issue wastes your time and customers’ as well! This gets worse if technicians don’t have access to proper inventory tracking and will need to schedule multiple follow-up calls because they’re missing an item.

On the other hand, if you do have a system in place but it’s outdated – that also leaves room for error.

Transferring information paper to application increases the risks of manual data entry errors and will waste precious time.

Including ERP cloud software leads to increased visibility and higher productivity of all departments involved in a service call.

When you’re prepared and don’t need to schedule multiple service calls – your cost directly goes down.

For your own business – Enterpryze provides you with a tool to streamline your work processes and end to end visibility and traceability from scheduling in a job all the way through to billing it out.

Go here to discover the full ERP solution.

Empower your technicians and boost productivity.

Try Enterpryze’s ERP for free – and enjoy peace of mind with field service management for your business. 

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