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Managing your Shopify Store’s Inventory with Enterpryze

Given that many small businesses of the world have had to move their business online, Shopify is one platform that offers a simplistic approach to eCommerce selling.

Shopify allows anyone to set up an online store with a variety of builder tools and helpful templates to make their online storefront and connect with a new avenue of their customer base.

All of these reasons helped Enterpryze choose Shopify as our preferred eCommerce platform to integrate with Enterpryze.

But when it comes to actually managing inventory and tracking stock across multiple warehouses – many business owners need to go above and beyond Shopify’s basic features.

It’s an area of the business that can often be a bane even for offline sales, so it becomes crucially important when online is also thrown into the mix.

Some ERP systems will help with this, however, if not connected to your eCommerce platforms, these sales also become a manual task.

This is prone to human error and leaves you in an effective double-entry situation – defeating the purpose of moving sales to the web in the first place.

How Enterpryze powers up your Shopify store

This is exactly where the Enterpryze integration comes into play.

It’s an integration already developed for you – making the actual syncing of data between e-commerce and inventory completely automatic.

The setup itself is simple. If you already have a Shopify web store the two can be connected quickly so transactions can start flowing.

Our implementation or support teams are always on hand to help guide or perform setup where needed.

The greatest benefit of this is the real-time view of inventory management you get, even across different locations and fulfilment services.

What is particularly special here is seeing your different revenue areas are collated in one single place – removing the messiness we talked about earlier.

The cherry on top is the fact that all of these features are integrated seamlessly with completely automatic postings for stocks & financials.

We know information is king in this day and age, so you have a full audit trail down to individual transactions, making data visibility is clear and incredibly accessible.

Powerful inventory tracking starts with Enterpryze

Connect your Shopify store with Enterpryze and see your sales, taxes, discounts and more in one platform. 

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