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How To Manage An Efficient Food & Drink Business with Enterpryze

Businesses in the food & drink industry face a lot of challenges regarding their inventory.

Increased demand for non-processed, organic food has reduced the shelf life of many products and as a result, can lead to increased waste of inventory.

Companies need to manage their expiry dates, procurement process and inventory storage locations to ensure they sell their products in the optimal order, don’t purchase too much inventory and store their inventory hygienically but also in the right locations primed for sale and delivery.

That's why product reliability should come first

Consumer expectations for reliability of quality in food and drink products has never been higher. Not to mention regulations from governing bodies like the Food Standards Agency in the UK and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

Providing consistently high-quality food and drink products is essential but it’s a challenge that can feel out of your control when much of your process involves external parties in your supply chain.

You depend on your suppliers to consistently provide high-quality products or ingredients.

You must analyse your supplier performance to see which ones always deliver, and which ones can let you down.

This is best done by tracking your products back to your suppliers. Batch Traceability is a process that allows you to track batches from Supplier to Inventory to Customer. If a customer gives negative feedback on what you’ve recently delivered to them, you can do a targeted product recall on that specific batch so that your reputation doesn’t get tarnished any further; and you can also track the batches’ journey back to your storage location and the suppliers involved in that problem batch.

With this level of tracking, you can analyse the process and make adjustments to improve the consistency of your supply chain.

Keep your information and processes in one place

When mentioning processes, we’re talking about the likes of your Procurement Process, your Sales Process, Inventory Management, Accounting, Service and Delivery.

When companies use separate systems to manage each individually, they run into a whole host of issues.

If each software or system doesn’t connect and share data easily, the information becomes hidden and unknown to other teams. If that information was freely accessible to other teams and management, they could make better-informed decisions regarding business operations.

For example, procurement would benefit greatly from having access to stock levels in each storage location in real-time.

Similarly, the sales team would love to know what’s in stock and what’s coming into stock soon.

The finance team would greatly benefit from seeing sales, purchases and employee expenses being logged in real-time.

If the sales team’s CRM is connected to the Support team’s system, they will have visibility over their customer queries and complaints and will be better able to serve their customers.

Operating your business with Enterpryze

Your team members involved with selling to customers and purchasing from suppliers can reduce the wasted stock by having better visibility over stock levels and expiry dates in Enterpryze.

Employees and management that are eager to improve customer satisfaction, reduce supplier issues and reduce the cost of recalls will be using Enterpryze Batch Traceability to track problem batches and identify inconsistent suppliers.

Your team will find much stronger synergy having more access to information and reports that stem from other areas of your business.

Managers and anyone that has decisions to make in your team will make better-informed, faster decisions being just one click away from module dashboards visually displaying business reports.

Inventory: Enterpryze’s Bread & Butter – Procurement, Stock, Sale, Delivery and More

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