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How Food & Drink Businesses Can Improve Collaboration With Inventory Software

All businesses in the Food and Drink space need to manage their stock. Food and Drink inventory bring on unique challenges like perishability that makes the industry different to say electronics and furniture.

Because food and drink inventory can expire or become damaged easily, it’s critical that businesses manage their inventory effectively. They may use an inventory management system with functions such as:

  • Log and Track Stock Movements across Storage Locations
  • Visibility over Real-Time Stock Counts
  • Stock Valuation Reports
  • Expiry Dates of your Stock
  • Track and Trace Batches of Stock from Supplier to Customer
  • Complete Procurement Process by reordering from Suppliers

All of which can be managed easily in Enterpryze.

Why food & drink inventory is best managed in Enterpryze

Managing your stock in Enterpryze be it food and drink inventory or otherwise becomes even more powerful because your stock is housed in a cloud ERP.

This means Enterpryze can manage your sales process with Sales and CRM modules, it can manage your Deliveries and Services, your team’s Expenses, your Business Banking and your Finances. 

Information silos are costly to a business. We make mistakes, bad decisions and are slow to react to change when we don’t have easy access to important information.

That’s why equipping your team with a business management solution allows your business to run smoother, more efficiently and make course corrections with access to real time reports and information relating to inventory, sales, deliveries, procurement, finances, expenses and more.

Streamlining records with your finance department is key

Your stock is an asset and it’s value is always changing. Changing from a wide range of reasons including:

  • Expirations causing Stock Waste
  • Global Currencies fluctuating in Value affecting your Margin
  • Sales reducing your Stock Count
  • Reordering Stock from Suppliers increasing your Stock Count

As your business operates its day-to-day tasks, your stock levels are fluctuating and the its asset value is too. So as you run your business in Enterpryze, your stock value on your financial reports will be accurate at all times giving your management the best information for making business decisions.

Keeping your solution accessible by sales teams as well

You can’t sell what you don’t have. With Enterpryze, you can give the sales team visibility of your stock levels so they know what they can sell. Connect your sales team with visibility over your Inventory for more sales, more revenue and happier customers.

With Enterpryze’s intuitive UI, your sales team can update their CRM that includes their sales pipeline and a dashboard of reports.

They can see what each customer has previously bought, how much and when they bought it.

This gives your sales team the power to know exactly when to sell to your customers again so they can restock your products.

Run your business better together

Enterpryze is for the entire team. Work together on the same system for increased efficiency, synergy among departments and better decision making.

If you’d like to learn how Enterpryze works, see how it works and ask a member of our team questions about how it could work for your business, book a free demo here.

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