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Why SMEs Prefer Field Service Management on the Cloud

Having good Field Service Management (FSM) software does a great deal to streamline operations on the ground and boost the trust of customers in your brand.

Field service representatives equipped with a clearer description of each service call can interact and serve customers much better than those who arrive onsite with little to no information about what awaits them.

Above that – the back office has a faster time keeping track of completed requests and can process/send out invoices with ultimate efficiency.

Think you need field service management software? Let’s say your business falls into the categories of:

  • Transportation
  • Plumbing
  • Air conditioning
  • Hospitality
  • IT

Having a tracking platform will improve overall communication and systems between the office and on-the-road technicians.

What are the benefits of Field Service Management App to SMEs?

The introduction of a mobile app as a service is a fantastic technological advance.

In other words, it will benefit your business and help maintain a strong customer relationship.

Here are some of the benefits of field service mobile app :

  • Real-time communication

You will no longer have to worry about communication between operation teams as it’s all done in real time.

  • Stay up to date

Help provide the right channels to ensure employees are aware of incoming services based on the nature of the work, their availability, and the client’s location or address.

  • Automate reporting

It allows you to adapt to your personal business style. You can customize your work scheduling, attendance and safety monitoring, and other features.

  • Eco-friendly

Most importantly, you no longer need paper to document invoices, work orders, and deadlines. These processes can be automated so you can access them anytime and anywhere.

The risk of relying on traditional paperwork or spreadsheets

As your company grows, you’ll find that you’re more prone to overlooking key details.

As a result, you may find yourself in similar situations when tracking field technicians.

  • Wasting time and money

If your operations team is not familiar with incoming service calls, your company is facing a big problem.

On the occasion that you provide your service technicians limited and vague information about a service call – they could arrive at the location unprepared.

Is the problem more complex than they realize? Do they need separate parts to complete the service request? Is this a unique customer that has had multiple problems in the past?

Lack of preparation wastes money (expenses needed for another visit) and time on both parties.

  • Unable to have a systematic record-keeping

When you manually enter your customers’ data, you run the risk of overlooking important documents and losing track of your customers’ service history.

Therefore, this is a problem that can occur when data is updated by your team – especially if they’re juggling multiple spreadsheets and logging in service requests manually.

  • Delayed delivery of service reports to customers

Work overload can contribute to delayed of service reports to your customers.

For this reason, your company is unable to deliver service reports quickly when the volume of customer reports exceeds the capacity of the staff involved.

So, the process is slowed down due to this problem.

  • The Key Performance Index (KPI) for service engineers

Are your technicians performing their service requests well?

If you do not have a well-organised system for collecting information, you will not be able to measure and reflect on the overall performance of your employees.

Enterpryze for instance provides a clear cut management software that owners/team leaders can use to see the location of your field service engineers and if they’re completing service requests up to your company’s standards.

This makes the entire process of feedback and quality control a faster process – and gives you a comprehensive overview of all facets of your business.

Enterpryze's service management gives you back control

So what can you do with Enterpryze?

First off – the platform gives you a clear picture of all ongoing and past service requests in a simple, intuitive dashboard that can be accessed on a mobile app or desktop.

Thus, you are able to simplify your employees and the operations of your business.

Here are a few key reasons businesses choose Enterpryze:

  • Save time by scheduling calls in advance and assigning them to the operations team so you have enough time to prepare and plan 

For this reason, your employees can get the right work on the task assigned to them.

  • Service reports are digitalised

This is because the mobile service app can provide confirmation and proof of services rendered. So then, it will guarantee the production of a high-quality report for future use.

  • Allowing real-time updating on the service mobile app

The reports can be generated and sent to the customer instantly. The report handling process is also quite fast and requires little time.

  • Get a bird’s eye view to measure performance levels and manage your field service technicians

With the service app, you can keep track of the performance of each of your employees for a specific task or service aspect.

Assign a technician a job, see his/her current location to and from a service request and monitor their progress throughout.

This ensures the quality of service delivered by each and every technician is up to standard and in line with your company values.

The field service management feature works best on Enterpryze ERP – so book a demo here to experience its maximum power for streamlining your service requests.

Make service requests a breeze.

Empower your field service technicians on the road with better information to serve your customers – while reducing expenses and monitoring each request anywhere you are. 

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