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Enterpryze Inventory Package

Enterpryze Inventory

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Enterpryze Inventory Package

Many businesses can run on an accounting solution. But some businesses need something more powerful. When your inventory is a key asset to your business, then inventory management is an essential process for the success of your business. That’s when Enterpryze Inventory takes charge!

Inventory can be the most important part of your balance sheet. It’s also an asset and its value is changing all the time:

  • Cost prices change which can affect margin
  • Products run out of stock so you have nothing to sell
  • Currencies fluctuate and costs increase
  • You have too much stock and tie up cash

Sell at Multiple Locations with Enterpryze Inventory

Enterpryze Inventory is designed to minimise those risks. Simply explained we track every item from when you order it from your supplier to when you sell it to your customer. We track changing margins, what’s in stock, currencies and of course the value of that asset in your business.

What’s more, we track it across multiple locations and help you sell it in lots of different ways. All in real-time configured the way you need it to be.

  • You can sell by entering an order in Enterpryze
  • Sell from your van using our App with built-in digital payments like Stripe, MasterCard and QR codes
  • Run your business online with integration to Shopify
  • Sell in-store with Shopify POS, Square or Enterpryze’s own Point-of-Sale solution

What is included in this package?

  • Accounting
  • Quote-to-Cash sales process
  • Order-to-Pay purchase process
  • Inventory linked directly to accounting
  • Automatic journals from stock movements
  • Multi-currency price list
  • Stock valuation & movement reports
  • Stocktake
  • Multiple locations/warehouses

One of the key benefits of Enterpryze Inventory is the automatic posting of journals based on stock movements. This happens at the very beginning when you receive the stock in your warehouse. Once you receive it, Enterpryze will automatically post it to the balance sheet as a “goods received not yet invoiced” journal ensuring you have captured that stock in your balance sheet, and awaiting the invoice. This is just one example of how Enterpryze cleverly manages your inventory to ensure it is always up-to-date both in terms of accounting but also quantity.

Learn more about Enterpryze Inventory today! Or get your free 30-day trial.

Enterpryze is one solution platform. Our packages are designed to give you what you need when you need it!

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