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5 Business Automation Tools To Implement In 2022

Business automation is a great approach for communication as it changed the way humans and machines interact.

It is also known as a cloud-based automation system that enables small and large enterprises to increase the functionality, productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Implementing automation in your business are very useful since it can help reduce human error, minimize costs, and streamline processes.

In another word, automation is a great way to eliminate the repetitiveness of many tasks that eat up your employees’ time.

You may carry out your recurring tasks without so much hassle as it will be done automatically.

What’s best is that it’s also possible to use new technology and change the manual data management for delivery, invoicing, document approval and anything else into more efficient business management.

Therefore, you can easily detect any errors that occur in your daily operations – and rectify them before they get worst.

Business automation is no longer a luxury in 2022

Does your business remain hesitant about automation? Do you prefer manual tracking and approving processes?

Or maybe it’s because you still think that automation is expensive or complicated to implement!

Although automation might have been novel tech a decade ago – it’s no longer a luxury that can only be adopted by large companies anymore.

Small to medium businesses around the world are beginning their adventure with automation; whether or it’s to onboard their employees, streamline procurement activities or even to manage inventory.

Here are two major impacts that you can see after successful automation:

1. Keep human errors to a minimum

As a business owner, you need to keep track of all your business progress, in order to minimize human errors.

But worry not, automation will help you to deliver accurate information faster.

You no longer need to drown yourself in never-ending paperwork and wasting time to help customers retrieve their information.

The business automation will ensure that the compliance in workplace is carry out systematically.

By doing that, you are able to build trust and loyalty with the customers.

2. Give your employees more time to make powerful business decisions

With business process automation, you may also handle multiple tasks at the same time with no uncertainty.

The right technology means your employees don’t sweat the small stuff like sending emails back and forth or juggling between spreadsheets.

Even if this seems like a minuscule task – an inefficient and slow process can delay important communications with a supplier or can bottleneck your cash flow.

Think of automation here like a calculated “hands-off” approach.

You allow your human talent to make educated, faster decisions with more of the time they have – instead of being largely processed based and falling into the trap of false productivity.

By doing so, your employees will be able to perform better in their roles and increase work productivity.

3. Deliver a better customer experience all around

Making sure that your ‘customer is king’ is very important for your business.

As a business owner, it is important for you to prioritize your customer as they are your company’s major source of income.

Without any customers demand, your business will collapse. Therefore, business process automation will possibly assist you in expanding your business even better.

You can have access to the app at any time 24/7. Therefore, you are able to provide satisfaction to your customers through seamless cloud software services.

What are the 5 processes business should automate?

To not be overwhelmed with the idea of automating your business overnight, decision-makers and higher-ups can focus on a few aspects before anything else.

Here are some areas that most benefit from automation:

1. Purchase Automation

Purchase automation works best for your procurement department – and if your business frequently issues Purchase Orders.

This automation will be very useful to your business as it allows your Purchasing or Procurement department to approve, edit or reject Purchase Orders received right from a central email inbox right into a platform.

With Enterpryze – there’s no need for the approver to manually input the PDF file into your management platform either!

Everything is recorded in real-time, thanks to the help of machine learning for remembering Supplier data and product information too.

2. Expense Automation

It is very important for every business to establish a system that can assist employees in tracking daily expenses.

Normally, you will be depending a lot on excel or spreadsheet to calculate your expenses (bills, receipts, etc.) within your business.

Considering that, any paperwork data entry can be pain in the neck.

Expense Automation can be very useful for your business. It helps employees to manage expenses like data entry and fixing errors faster in real-time.

It is easier to calculate you expenses with Enterpryze because you only need to scan, save, and share your receipts directly from the mobile app.

Therefore, it will ensuring access to accurate information as you no longer be wasting time by doing repetitive tasks manually.

3. Bank Automation

Bank Automation allows you to simplify banking processes such as accounting reconciliation, customer data update and many more.

This feature introduces you to a faster business process automation in the banking industry.

With Enterpryze’s Bank Automation, you will get to experience real-time transparency for your bank feeds.

That means you will be able to receive new transactions notification instantly without having to monitor them the hard way.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about data entry because Enterpryze will automatically sync and suggest the reconciliation matches between your platform and bank.

4. Stock Automation

It is a bit difficult to track all your product details manually when it comes to stock control and inventories.

On that account, digitalizing your business activities can solve these issues from arising.

Enterpryze introduces the Stock Automation feature with real-time inventory management so that your employees stay alerted with the latest updates.

This feature helps to ensure a smoother supply chain for any business operations. It is very convenient for your employees because everything will be updated automatically.

Most importantly, it allows you to replenish items based on filters, products, warehouses and suppliers.

5. Web Notifications

Enterpryze assists you in staying in line with your business relevancy.

The Web Notifications feature will redirect your employees to any important live notifications.

You can customize your notifications at any time according to your business preferences.

For instance, you can customize the notifications to notify sales orders to the sales team, banking transactions to finance teams and many more.

Therefore, you won’t miss anything that is important to you whether or not you’re using the application.

Enterpryze provides a variety of business automation features to assist you in efficiently managing your company.

Our Automation Rising, for instance, introduces all of the above tools for busy business owners intent on streamlining their daily operations.

This is done through first-rate machine learning and artificial intelligence technology that works to reduce costs and boost the productivity of everyone on your team.

Go here for more information on how you can bring automation to your own SME – and see real results with the way your supply chain, invoicing, banking and inventory performs.

New to automation? We'll show you around.

Schedule a live demo for an in-depth tour around Enterpryze’s automation tools.

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