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Building an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Business One

Warehouse Management System -intelligent Enterprise

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The Intelligent Enterprise from Milner Browne and SAP

Over the last 20 years, the Milner Browne Enterpryze team has been building industry-specific solutions for customers on the SAP platform. We love to innovate and help customers become Intelligent Enterprise.

Taking the SAP Business One technology, we worked with our customers in the Netherlands to automate their production process. This means reducing picking time, providing real-time inventory position and enhancing warehouse reporting.

How do we automate the production process?

Once we create a production process, each step of that process triggers an action within this fully automated production process.

First Step – We pick goods through the bin locations solution. This process will then automatically deliver the goods to the production robot.

Second Step – Once the production robot receives the goods, this process triggers the dipping of the component.

Third Step – After that step has complete, it triggers the forklift (AGV – Automated Guided Vehicle) to collect and allow the component to dry in another bin location.

All steps in the production process are managed by SAP Business One and The Milner Browne Production solution. They are all automated and optimised seamlessly. Additionally, the system is updating the stock and financials real-time. Recording quality results is also a key function.

As part of the solution, we also implemented the Milner Browne analytics solution to provide key insights into production planning, current scheduling and the real-time status. It also highlights quality issue trends to allow fast intervention.

We love building the Intelligent Enterprise and partnering with SAP to help companies around the world streamline operations, drive efficiency and give real-time information to help Be A Better Business.

Check out the full video to see this in operation:

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