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UOB BizSmart: Helping SMEs Save Up to 70% Business Costs

UOB BizSmart For SMEs

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What is UOB BizSmart?

BizSmart is a program to empower SMEs to acquire the digital tools they need to run their businesses better. UOB and Enterpryze have partnered to provide their Business Banking customers with the power of accounting and business software. As a result, UOB customers can Be A Better Business by connecting their UOB bank accounts and payments services directly into Enterpryze to provide a seamless experience.

Many SMEs in Singapore are eager to adopt business management software. Therefore, UOB partnered with Enterpryze to provide a solution that meets the needs of SMEs no matter their size or their requirements. SMEs who want a simple mobile payment solution can leverage mCollect POS.

On the other hand, those who need accounting features can opt for the Enterpryze accounting package and seamlessly upgrade to an inventory management system or ERP if they need to.

So no matter if you are a startup or a super scaler Enterpryze and UOB Bizsmart has a solution to meet your needs.

See how Shawn Pang is taking Good Air Pte Ltd – a 43-year-old company that was previously managed by his father and uncle – to new heights.

By connecting your UOB business account to Enterpryze, you can simply manage bank reconciliations and ensure your accounts accurately reflect your bank position. Furthermore, connecting PayNow or your UOB Mastercard merchant account lets you take payments from customers on one of our mobile apps. The payments are taken directly into Enterpryze or through our customer self-service platform.

Research has shown that SME’s spend 34% of their time managing their banking and systems. UOB Bizsmart and Enterpryze simplify running your business so you can spend more time on your customers and working to Be A Better Business.

Why use UOB BizSmart?

With BizSmart, you can create transactions like invoices, sales order etc. in just a few clicks and it updates the system real-time. This means that all the other users will be able to see the update instantly. With this, you are able to make better business decisions.

Direct Bank Feed

With BizSmart, you can automatically import your bank transactions on a daily basis, thus saving you both time and money. And when these transactions are paired with invoices, bills and purchases, reconciliation can be done quickly and seamlessly.

Just 20 Minutes to Setup

No wasted time with quick setup! You can’t afford to interrupt your business for a week, or even a day while revamping your operations systems. UOB BizSmart can be up and running in just 20 minutes, so your business doesn’t stop running.

Grows with your Business

When a business grows and needs a solution with larger capabilities, UOB BizSmart is here for you. You can easily upgrade to SAP Business One, one of the most robust software on the market.

Easier Payments and Payroll

UOB BizSmart keeps everything in one place, thus allowing you to export payment and payroll transactions to UOB BIBPlus to initiate and keep track of payments easily.

Added Flexibility and Security

Storing data in the cloud means your historical data is always accessible to you all the time. This also means that you don’t have to maintain a physical server, therefore providing you with more flexibility.

Access On The Go

Being mobile-enabled means you won’t be desk-bound anymore. You can now perform your accounting and HR activities anywhere and anytime from your mobile devices.


Is Enterpryze part of UOB? 

No. Enterpryze is a technology partner of UOB and the owners of the business management software they are entitled to.

Is Enterpryze part of BizSmart?

Yes. BizSmart has several technology partners and Enterpryze is one of them. Enterpryze is an offering to UOB corporate clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

What are the other partners in the BizSmart Program?

  1. HREasily
    HReasily is a cloud-based, all-in-one HR solution that enables business owners to automate workflow processes and increase your business’ productivity.
  2. Shopmatic
    Shopmatic is an eCommerce platform that anyone can use to build their online presence. You can create a simple and great looking website or even a fully functional eCommerce web store.
  3. Ezyprocure
    EzyProcure is an e-Procurement platform that simplifies the purchasing process for buyers and suppliers. By automating purchase requisition and purchase order, you can track your transactions more accurately.

UOB BizSmart- Singapore SMEs

UOB customers can defray up to 70% of the setup cost under the SMEs Go Digital Programme. Plus, receive $200 from IMDA e-Invoicing Registration Grant by registering to join the Peppol Network by 31 December 2020.

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