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New Release: Bank Integrations with Plaid in Enterpryze for US, UK and IE

Although syncing your business and banking is important – bringing them together has often been overlooked. But with Enterpryze’s new bank integration with Plaid; it’s a hassle-free experience that powers up all operations forever.

A powerful banking experience with Enterpryze

With Enterpryze, you can manage your business by sending sales documents to customers, logging payments to suppliers, tracking your inventory and more all while having your accounting reports automatically updated with every transaction and ready to access at all times.

Throughout your business operations, your business bank account is receiving payments from your customers and seeing outgoing payments to your suppliers.

If you could monitor your bank balance, track incoming and outgoing transactions and quickly and easily make bank reconciliations from your business management solution, well, it would bring your business together allowing you to manage it more efficiently.

A seamless banking integration with Plaid

Being able to see bank transactions in a bank feed, automatic matching of bank transactions and transactions in Enterpryze, and bank reconciliations made quick and easy.

This is exactly what the Enterpryze team has been working on.

We’ve invested in developing bank integration technology using Plaid, a financial services company that securely connects banking with finance applications.

This Plaid banking integration will allow our users to connect their Irish and English bank accounts to their Enterpryze account finally merging banking with business management.

The Plaid integration goes live on March 22nd, 2021 – and will mark another date in the calendar when Enterpryze invested in empowering the small business and empowering the everyday entrepreneur.

What is Plaid?

Plaid is a Californian-based technical services company that provides the technology that enables software companies and their users to connect with banking institutions.

Plaid is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 (Firm Reference Number: 804718) for the provision of payment services.

Who will benefit from this feature?

Enterpryze users can connect their Irish, UK or US bank accounts to their Enterpryze account. Invoice and Pay users who connect their account will be able to see their bank balance and transactions in a bank feed. Accounting, Inventory and ERP Packages will have these features and can perform automatic bank reconciliations too.

Which banks can connect with Enterpryze?

Our new banking integration is compatible with bank accounts from Irish Bank Institutions, US Bank Institutions and very soon, users will be able to connect their UK bank accounts too.

In Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, Ulster Bank and Bank of Ireland are all fully compatible with the new Enterpryze Bank Integration.

For more comprehensive lists, read the articles below:

Banks in Ireland that integrate with Enterpryze

Banks in the UK that integrate with Enterpryze

Banks in the US that integrate with Enterpryze 

Banks in Southeast Asia that integrate with Enterpryze

Can SAP Business One users utilise this integration?

Enterpryze for SAP Business One users can learn more about the Bank Integration Add-On here.

Download this free resource to learn more

If you’re an Enterpryze user with an Irish, UK or Us bank account, our Help Centre has everything you need to help you get setup and get the most out of the Banking Module. Just follow the articles and videos in the Bank Feed Integration for banking in Ireland & UK section.

Want to learn a little more? Check out our Bank Integration Factsheet PDF – it concisely gives you the who, what, where, how and why of banking in Enterpryze. It’s downloadable for you below.

If you’re interested in using Enterpryze to help you manage your business, click on the button below to start for free.

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