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New Release: Integrate Your Business Banks in Southeast Asia with Enterpryze

Ever wanted to manage your business and banking all at once? Now, it’s easier than ever to connect your banks in Southeast Asia with Enterpryze.

Access day-to-day financials and manage all operations with Enterpryze. All so you can keep track of your incoming and outgoing payments in your bank feed.

Go to your Banking Dashboard to see real-time bank balances; and track cashflow, profitability, and transactions at the speed of light. Bank reconciliations are made quick and simple too.

Our powerful Banking module can be enabled by connecting your bank account to Enterpryze.

Check the list below to see if your bank account can be connected in Enterpryze.

What banks in Southeast Asia connect with Enterpryze?

Enterpryze has integrated with United Overseas Bank (UOB) to provide our users with the ultimate accessibility for business and bank account management.

The Enterpryze and UOB integration will be made possible in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Those with existing business bank accounts with UOB can enjoy flexibility with maximum efficiency when viewing their financial health, accessing profit and loss reports, tracking live notifications, and more.

Our users get to enjoy all the features that come with a real-time UOB bank feed and a simpler, faster way to receive digital payments with access to PayNow, DuitNow, InvoiceNow, and PromptPay.

*Although not fully integrated, customers of OCBC Bank & DBS Bank can also import their bank statements into their Enterpryze account manually perform bank reconciliations.

Connect your UOB bank in Southeast Asia with Enterpryze

Have a UOB bank account? Follow our guide below to connect your bank account to your Enterpryze account.

Have a different bank account?

Enterpryze connects to different banks in different regions. Check out the articles below to find out if your bank institution integrates with Enterpryze:

Banks in the United Kingdom that integrate with Enterpryze

Banks in Ireland that integrate with Enterpryze

Banks in the United States that integrate with Enterpryze

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