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Why the Omnichannel Approach is Important to Sales Generation

What is omnichannel selling?

Omnichannel selling is simply a strategy where the business allows their customers to purchase your products and services through their preferred channel be it Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, your website or in a physical brick and mortar store.

It’s about selling in all of the places your customers like to purchase products and services.

But omnichannel selling is not just about selling everywhere – it’s about integration.

Each sales channel must be connected to one system so you can manage your inventory and sales from these different branches of your business.

Why is omnichannel important to your sales approach?

Since your customers are likely to each have their preferred method of purchasing your products and services, adding more sales channels improves your customers’ experience with your business.

And with more sales channels comes more opportunity for sales and increasing revenue.

But with sales coming from different sources, it’s nigh on impossible to keep track of the stock levels of your different products in each storage location.

That is unless you connect your sales channels to one system that manages all business sales and tracks all of your inventory information in real-time.

Connecting all your sales channels

One of the many reasons omnichannel is so important is the fact that it integrates your sales channels into one system.

The biggest pitfall in adding sales channels is losing control of your inventory levels, losing control of where your inventory is and even losing control of your sales and revenue.

You need to be able to track your sales from your website, your stores, social media marketplaces, Amazon, anywhere and everywhere you sell.

You need to be able to see the impact these sales are having on your stock quantities in each warehouse, store, delivery van or wherever you store your products.

Without having a centralised sales and inventory system, there are difficulties with:

  • Reporting on and analysing sales performance from different sales channels
  • Ensuring sufficient inventory quantities in your various warehouses or storage locations
  • Tracking inventory movements and deliveries from different sales channels

How Enterpryze streamlines all your omnichannel strategies

So what types of sales can be tracked in Enterpryze? Let’s detail the sales channels you can use and integrate with Enterpryze to track sales and manage inventory.

Physical Store/Pop-up shop/market: Use Enterpryze POS, Square POS or Shopify POS to take cash and card payments from in-person sales to have all of your point of sale business tracked in Enterpryze.

Website Sales: Sales from your Shopify eCommerce website can be tracked in Enterpryze with the Shopify Add-on. Whether your website is built on Shopify or your business uses the Shopify plug-in to add eCommerce to your website, you can automatically bring all of your website sales into Enterpryze.

Social Media: You can sell on Facebook and Instagram Marketplace. You can also sell on Facebook Messenger. To integrate these sales channels into your Enterpryze system, you must first connect them to your Shopify account. Then use Enterpryze’s Shopify Add-on to automatically bring your social sales in your Business Management solution.

Amazon: If you sell on Amazon you can integrate this sales channel by connecting your Amazon account to your Shopify account. With our Shopify Add-on, you can bring those sales through to Enterpryze.

B2B Sales: Use your sales team to sell your products and services to your leads and customers. Use Enterpryze to easily log the entire sales process from Sales Quote to Order to Invoice to Cash. Invite your customers into Enterpryze through our Customer Portal where they can see their orders, transactions and make payments using our Stripe Integration.

Personal Selling:  Manage Van Sales with our mobile apps. Track door-to-door selling and telemarketing campaigns. Enterpryze empowers your sales force with the ability to create and send sales quotes, orders and invoices as well as take payments from your customers.

Others: Have a sales channel that doesn’t integrate with Enterpryze? No problem, export your sales data into a CSV file and import it into your Enterpryze account to keep all your sales in one place. You can even set up a recurring automated import of your sales transactions data into Enterpryze.

Manage your Sales, Accounting, Inventory and ERP with Enterpryze.

Get started with a free trial when you click here.

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