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Integrate Shopify With Enterpryze For Full Omnichannel Selling

Did you start selling in new online sales channels in response to COVID restrictions?

Whether your business had to start selling online or your focus shifted towards your online sales channels – there is no denying the higher emphasis placed on digital solutions and eCommerce.

Overcoming online selling challenges

One of those challenges is tracking your sales performance from your online selling platforms.

Platforms like eCommerce stores, Amazon and social media marketplaces are where SMEs already need to start setting up shop.

Each of these provides its own way to report and gather insights on sales. Plus, sales information can easily be siloed when you have separate tools to manage that don’t merge together.

SMEs need to be where their customers are. But with sales coming from multiple online platforms as it is- management becomes very difficult to manage your stock quantities across stores and warehouses.

Of course, – beyond sales performance and inventory management –  your business’s financial position can become unclear.

This is tricky from an accounting perspective and will stand to take immense manual effort to reconcile payments, back up accurate data and view everything in one integrated platform.

How is omnichannel selling made easier with Enterpryze?

Get control with omnichannel selling in Enterpryze.

For the uninitiated, omnichannel selling is a strategy that involves connecting all of your sales channels together.

It’s simple, you use tools that integrate with Enterpryze.

There are several – read this article here to get a run down of how each sales channel can be connected to Enterpryze.

But no omnichannel selling strategy on Enterpryze will be complete without maximising the use of Shopify.

Integrate Shopify with Enterpryze

The amazing thing about Shopify is it’s not just an eCommerce tool for your website.

Yes, you can use Shopify to build an eCommerce store or to add eCommerce functionality to a pre-existing website.

But there’s a lot more. It works as a multi-channel sales tool allowing you to connect your social media accounts for social selling on Facebook Marketplace Instagram Marketplace and Messenger.

And you can connect your Amazon account to Shopify to bring your Amazon sales into Shopify.

So it has your bases covered in terms of eCommerce, but what about physical sales? Shopify does retail selling too with its Shopify POS solution.

So Shopify can bring together most if not all of your sales channels.

The beauty of Enterpryze and its Shopify Integration is, it will automatically bring all of your Shopify sales into Enterpryze allowing you to connect your sales channels together in your accounting and inventory management solution.

In real-time, see your sales, stock quantities and financial health all in one solution.

Use Enterpryze’s intuitive UI and module dashboards to easily keep track of a business’ sales and finances. Pull stock reports and move inventory across warehouses.

Ready to get started?

Redeem your free trial and integrate your Shopify with Enterpryze to enjoy maximum control over your omnichannel strategy.

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