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What are the Accounting Features in Enterpryze?

Enterpryze Accounting Features

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Enterpryze is a complete business and accounting software that has all the accounting features to help you run your small business simply and securely. We tell you how well your business is doing and this information is accessible at the tips of your fingers!

In just a few clicks, you will know your cash flow projections, how much profit you are making, your overheads and costs, how much tax you owe the revenue, the value of your stock and other assets, how much your customers owe you, what you owe to your suppliers and so much more.

We have so many great features to help you achieve all of this:

Key Accounting Features in Enterpryze

Cost Centres & Dimensions

A Cost Centre is a company division or department relating to your business products/services. You can define Cost Centres and link each one to the relevant Dimension (Cost Centre Level).  Once a Cost Centre is assigned to a Sales or Purchase Transaction you will be able to apply a filter to your Profit and Loss report to see costs incurred on your GL accounts.


A project code can be assigned to all transactions in Enterpryze to link it to the projects that your company is currently running.  When running your reports, you can select the Project to see Costs/Sales etc against each one. This helps you analyse your transactions further.

Chart of Accounts

The Chart of Accounts is where all your GL accounts are categorised and where you will see the transactions posted for each account as a journal entry.  We provide you with a list of predefined GL accounts for your region, however, you can still tailor this to suit your business needs.

Journal entries

A Journal Entry is the first step in the accounting process.  All financial transactions from Sales, Purchases, Expenses, Stock get posted as Journal entries with the relevant debit and credit postings.  You will also be able to add manual journal entries detailing the required debit and credit entries you need.


The comprehensive dashboard gives you a 360 view of your business performance. There are several widgets giving you details on business performance such as Turnover, Receivables vs Payables, Balance Sheet and Cashflow. You will also have shortcuts to running your Financial Reports to PDF. This list will also include any customised reports and reports specific to your localisation.


On-screen reports and PDF reports such as Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Ageing reports, Daybooks, Tax reporting to include regional reporting such as IRAS, Stock reports and many more. You can export your reports to Excel, there are filter options available where you can select dates, Cost Centres, Projects depending on the report.

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