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Why Good Management Starts With Time Off for Employees

For some companies, working from home may be a temporary solution until it’s safe to be in the office once again.

For others, it’s become the new -permanent- way of life.

Companies such as Shopify and Twitter have implemented permanent work from home policies as an option for their employees. This means zero time wasted on the commute to and from the office, monthly stipends to maintain a healthy working environment and new rules.

But there’s more at play here.

Not only does every employee’s day-to-day look wildly different; their responsibilities have also shifted significantly.

It goes without saying that every employee must be vigilant and productive even from these environments – but recent months have seen an influx of remote employee management systems.

Through such software, employees enjoy a much more transparent and seamless way of viewing their data. It eliminates the hassle of working up emails to send to your managers or scheduling long calls just to get access to information that’s needed urgently.

Benefits of Remote Employee Management Software

Employee management software can be understood as an innovative new way of viewing tasks, activity, goals, annual leave schedules and other data of a specific employee.

This isn’t anything new, nor has the concept been introduced just because of the COVID-19 pandemic or work from home lifestyle. It’s simply been around for a while – yet evolved into a necessity for managers and human resource executives today, instead of an option.


Some benefits of such a system are:

  • A clearer view on performance evaluations. Employee management software tracks your goals easily. This means you and your manager can add certain KPIs to achieve for this company and monitor its progress along every step of the way. When it comes to your regular performance evaluations, you get a clearer picture on where you stand and needed decisions from there on onwards.


  • A better feedback process. Good employee management software gives you the ability to have a productive, two-way feedback process. This means your manager gets to give you feedback on areas you can improve or discuss your obstacles in the company – and vice versa.

Allocating Time Off

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of such software remains to be the ability to book time off for employees.

With just a click of a button, any good management software can allow you to view your sick leaves, annual leaves, compassionate leaves and more. All so you get to plan holidays accordingly or see how many emergency leaves you have left.

Enterpryze is in the process of streamlining our human resources systems too. As a result, we have transferred the tracking and booking of annual leave from the old system into our new “Time Off” section in BambooHR, which is all very exciting.

We have held training sessions to demonstrate how to book leave and use the ‘Time off’ in BambooHR for all our employees.

Using something like BambooHR allows us to clearly define our leave policies for annual leave, sick leave and all other forms of leave and this allows us to be better prepared in the event someone has to take some time off.

We also use crossover of employees who may be given certain tasks whilst a colleague is out and use this process as career development and as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

Why is Time Off for Employees Important?

Time off is necessary to help everyone in the office recharge their batteries, rest, and recuperate.

In a company that promotes employee wellbeing and sufficient rest, it’s scientifically proven that employee retention is improved – resulting in fewer leavers and disinterested employees.

Enterpryze also understands that it results in improved performance and that necessary rest is vital to allowing our employees to avoid the burnout.

Working from home is not an easy feat – and Enterpryze supports time off for employees when they need it the most.

Like anything you put your mind to, it is always helpful to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see things from their view as a fresh set of eyes on any situation can make a huge impact.

At the end of the day, Enterpryze believes that teamwork truly does make the dream work.

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