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How long does it take to implement an ERP system?


Welcome back to Enterpryze’s online series Myth Busters! 

With great power comes great responsibility.

So if you’re a founder, manager, director or someone with decision-making abilities in your company – we’re going to banish the thoughts holding you back from investing in your business.

Myth: ERP takes too long to set-up.

ERP software helps businesses in numerous ways — from better inventory tracking, strengthening your accounting, accurate lead tracking and overall improving your CRM, amongst many other benefits.

If you are considering ERP Software and are wondering “how long does it take to implement an ERP system?”

Most likely, that indicates that your business is growing, and fast.

Most businesses realise they need an ERP when they are already in the thick of it.

Which also means that anything disrupting daily business is unsavoury.

Seems a little bit counter productive doesn’t it?

We get it, that’s why were here to tell you, despite what you might be seeing or reading, implementing an ERP Software is do able in a shorter time frame, if you are focused (and choose the right software 😉).

So if you are thinking “Things are too crazy right now, it will have to wait!” or “We are managing just ok with what we have.”, 

Consider this

If your team is working hard and fast, there’s a chance that things are a little crazy at the moment. So you know what, if there was a possibility that this is going to make their lives easier, they will be more likely to deal with it and get it moving faster.

So you have the brilliant team, the brilliant business, now you need the Brilliant ERP Software.

If you’re a business trying to choose an all-in-one ERP software — keep reading.
Enterpryze has a range of tailored affordable business and ERP software packages, suitable for every business type.

Introducing, Enterpryze's ERP solution

What is Enterpryze ERP?

Enterpryze provides a fully comprehensible ERP software for business at an affordable price.

So any and all business sizes can avail of our ERP system that simplifies and improves day to day business.

Not only that, Enterpryze is a scalable solution, allowing for complete personalisation and only pay for the components you need.

If you’re a business trying to choose an all-in-one ERP software — keep reading.
Enterpryze has a range of tailored affordable business and ERP software packages, suitable for every business type.

Choose Enterpryze's Affordable Business and ERP Software

Our affordable business and ERP software packages are designed to give you the tools you need to run your business, with options to add more when you need them.


An all-in-one solution so you can manage people, inventory, opportunities, suppliers, customers and cash optimally.

  • Use CRM to track leads all the way through to getting paid.
  • Manage costs with purchasing approvals.
  • Use Expenses to track employees expenditures.
  • Service management for post-sales service.
  • Advanced billing module to enable document consolidation, batch emailing and re-occurring transactions.
  • Customise your system to track the data you need through custom fields.
  • Document storage to save customer and supplier related documents.
  • Addons and integrations to 3rd party platforms to extend the reach of your solution.
  • Use our API’s to build new integrations and connections that your system needs.Learn More About Our ERP Package 

Not only does that, all of package modules are available including accounting and inventory that helps manage order to cash and purchase to pay. It comes with a wide array of additional functionality to help you manage all the aspects of your business.

Discover the rest of our packages and solution below

  • Invoice & Pay

Create invoices, manage payments and track business performance on your smartphone. Invoice & Pay is integrated into your bank to keep your daily records up-to-date so that you have access to powerful reporting with a tap. 

Perfect for Start-Ups, Tradespeople, and Micro SMEs. 

Learn More About Our Invoice & Pay Package.

  • Accounting

Get insights into your performance and track profitability, assets & liabilities. Manage multiple currency accounts, get direct bank feeds and manage outgoing payments to keep bank accounts and your business aligned with each other.

This includes Chart of Accounts, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting.

Enterpryze also provides comprehensive reporting for more analytical users. With 5 levels of cost centres, project reporting and a tiered general ledger, you can slice and dice your data to ensure every aspect of your business is performing to its optimum level.

Perfect for Small Businesses, Business Accountants & Retailors. 

Learn More About Our Accounting Package

  • Inventory

Track every item from order to sale, even across multiple locations. You can also sell your items through our app or POS and get paid by QRcode or credit card.

Be on top of your game by knowing changing margins, stock availability, currencies and the value of each stock item in your business.

There’s also the option to track stock across multiple locations and sell it in lots of different ways.

All in real-time configured the way you need it to be.

  • Sell by entering an order in Enterpryze.
  • Manage stock in-store with Shopify POS, Square or Enterpryze Point of Sale solution.
  • Sell online with integration to Shopify.
  • Access features 24/7 using our mobile app with built-in digital payments like Stripe, Mastercard and QR codes.

Perfect for Retailors & Distribution Businesses. 

Learn More About Our Inventory Package

But what about cost?

Enterpryze strives to create affordable solutions for every type of individual or business. Check out our full pricing here. 

For startups and super scalers, we have solutions to match your ambitions. Built-in the cloud to enable a seamless transition to give you the power to achieve your goals.

Simple for a startup with an attitude for ambition.

And the best part?

Businesses can get started for free.

Power-up your business when you experience Enterpryze for free! Access complete business management at your fingertips and enjoy all the perks of an ERP software that is mobile-friendly and equipped with all-in-one tools to run a smoother daily operation.

Experience it for free today. 

Experience Affordable Business and ERP Software Today

So there is no need to wonder how long does it take to implement an ERP system.

Start for free with Enterpryze and discover what your business has been really missing.

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